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It was observed by me in the course of my teachings that mostly the students who came were more interested in their present physical well- being than their spiritual evolution. As spiritual evolution is not possible without experiencing financial and emotional stability and physical well being, I took recourse to ancient Indian sciences of Yoga, Tantra, Spiritual Healing and Nigams and synthesized a simple kriya- "SANATAN KRIYA" (the complete kriya , to aid a normal being in achieving a balance between the material and the spiritual and evolving on both planes simultaneously. This seemingly basic level of the kriya is enough to experientially explain to the reader the power of the ancient Indian sciences.

Yogi Ashwini

About The Book :
For the spiritual aspirant or the seeker, or for someone seriously interested in living a balanced and healthy life and experiencing the real bliss (ananda), this book is the undisputed 'gyan' in the purest sense. It is an attempt to explain the endless divinity in each speck of creation. It also takes us on a journey to experientially understand the power of ancient yogic practices.
Sanatan Kriya, is a practice that helps the practitioner achieve physical...Read More
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ISBN: 9788190450607 Rs. 300/-
Sanatan Kriya: Essence of Yoga includes a do-it-yourself Sanatan Kriya CD in voice of the Living Master, Yogi Ashwini.
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