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Vedic Mantra Chanting Workshop
vedic mantra chanting workshop

Creation began with Om. Sound is the first manifestation of physical creation. From the dimension of sound emerges the dimension of colours and from colours everything that we see in physical creation.

A combination of certain codified sounds is a mantra. The correct chanting of mantras under the guidance of the siddha (Guru) brings about manifestation of thoughts and desires, and even of devs and devis.

In the words of Yogi Ashwini, "the body of a deva lies in a mantra; the essence of a mantra lies in its beej, and the beej lies in dhwani (sound), and the seeds of dhwani can only be found at the Guru's feet."

Every mantra has three aspects shakti,beej and keel. Shakti pertains to the specific energy which the mantra invokes, beej is the potential of the mantra and keel is what seals the shakti into the mantra enabling one to tap into its phenomenal potential. However, for a mantra to have its effect it is important that it be chanted in the right manner. Incorrect incantation might produce the opposite effect.

It is recommended that the participant familiarizes him/herself with the practice of Sanatan Kriya prior to mantra chanting. The kriya brings the body into a state of balance and heightens the sensitivity of the being to various sounds and shaktis in creation.

Benefits of Vedic Mantra Chanting
Mantras can help improve your inner and outer being. Bring peace, harmony and balance at home, offices, relationships and take you further on your spiritual journey. Every mantra invokes a specific energy and has a specific effect on the body and environment, some of these being,

  • Manifestation of thought
  • Wish fulfilment
  • Self-healing
  • Awakening of higher centres in the body
  • Warding off negativity and heaviness
  • Mental peace and focus
  • Stillness of body and mind
  • Clarity of thought
  • Emotional decongestion
  • Reduced levels of hyperactivity

Workshop Structure
  • Introduction to the power of sound
  • Elementary purification techniques
  • Energising the body for effective chanting
  • First-hand experience of the power and effect of various mantras
  • Chant of Om, the primordial sound of creation
  • Question-answer and doubt session, addressing individual-specific concerns
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