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Spine and Back Asans Workshop

"You are as young, as straight your back is…"

And our Vedic rishis who believed in this maxim thousands of years ago, were the embodiment of it.

Our energy body has numerous channels called nadis running all across it. Nadis carry vital prana (the ultimate life force) necessary for proper functioning of the body. One of the main nadis is Sushumna Nadi which translates into the spinal column at the physical level. Any kink in this nadi, causes stagnation of prana, which inturn causes disease and sickness in the body…Therefore the significance of a straight back and spine. Sage Patanjali describes asana as ‘sukham sthiram asanam’, that is, a posture in which you are comfortable and still. Stillness and slowing down is the key to longevity. Sadly, long work hours, improper posture, high stress levels and modern fitness mantras which lay a great emphasis on increasing body metabolism causing faster wear and tear of cells all lead to weak and bent spines and life-long problems of the back. Asans help lower body’s metabolic rate and increase the strength and vitality of the body.

A must-attend for all age-groups
Spine is often referred to as the second brain. It controls the reflexes of the body and also links all the major organs of the body. As mentioned earlier, you are as young as straight is your spine.
Extremely beneficial for those with problems of back and spine, and even more for those, who want to stay away from these problems and take to higher practices of yog.
As Yogi Ashwini puts it, 'a straight spine is a prerequisite for yog'.
Work your way to a strong, supple and straight spine with this workshop!

Benefits of Spine and Back Asans

  • Eases stiffness in the back which eventually leads to freedom from backache
  • Helps relieve pain from spondylitis and cervical strain so much so that they can comfortably continue to lead their lifestyles (for instance, sitting on computer) without a headache
  • Strengthens the back post-pregnancy and helps young mothers cope with the hectic regime of their baby(s)’ upbringing
  • Helps people of all age groups cope with lower back related problems which are caused due to stress and weakness
  • Induces strength and flexibility in the back, especially among those who start early in life
  • Maintains a youthful appearance for long without investing in expensive cosmetics and artificial diets or visits to the gym

What sets this workshop apart from the many fitness programs you might have attended?
Most courses sold in the market only focus on the physical aspects such as losing weight, and are distorted and contorted to fill coffers. These back and spine asans will not only train your body but will also affect various states of consciousness; body and mind are just one level of awareness. With this heightened consciousness, one can affect a change in the physical body and achieve any desired shape or form. Asans and other yogic kriyas are not exercises, they are potent tools to train the being.
The science of yog is so perfect that there is not a single asan which strains the 5th and the 6th vertebrae that otherwise under strain can lead to spinal injuries. On the contrary, injuries to the spine can successfully be cured by correct practices of yog

Workshop Structure
  • Introduction to the etheric body, the sushumna and the various chakras
  • Cleansing techniques to ensure free flow of prana in the sushumna
  • Set of seven asans for strengthening the back and spine, without exerting the body or causing the breath/pulse rate to shoot up
  • Busting myths about the dangerous practices which are popularly misunderstood as asans and pranayams
  • Question-answer and doubt session addressing individual-specific concerns
"I felt calmer, more relaxed and lighter after breathing in Ujjai"
– Shivan Chanana, BBC Journalist

"I was bearing a hell lot of pain in my neck and back for the last 7 years since my daughter's birth. One day I went to attend a workshop conducted by Dhyan Foundation for problems related to 'Back & Spine' and since then I do the set of asans regularly. Today after years of suffering I lead a pain-free life thanks to these asans. It actually works..."
– Sneh Chhibba, Educationist.
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