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Thoughts..  of the Inner World

This book is a comprehensive compilation of writings by Yogi Ashwini, that have appeared in various journals and newspapers in the years 2006-2007.
The seeker is given an insight into some of the more advanced and subtle concepts of Yog by the Master himself- gyan that has been crystallised after years of practise with utmost discipline under the Guru’s Grace. Concepts like Desires Maya, Dhyan, Samadhi, Manas, Buddhi, aspects of a Being, Ayurved, Gyan, Awakening, Law of Karma amongst others have been discussed.
A question may arise, if it’s so sacred, then why share it with the common man? The answer is simple. The word ‘spirituality’ has been much misrepresented in the last few decades and unless this trend is checked, the real knowledge and essence of Yog, the author feels, might be lost to oblivion. Breaking the ‘larger than life’ image built around the subject, it is presented in its true and undiluted form, readily accessible to anyone who wishes to tread the path. Several myths that blur the subject have been highlighted so that the Seeker may steer clear of them in his/her spiritual pursuit.
Special emphasis has been given to advanced concepts like Yog, Guru, Aura, Evolution, Shiv-Shakti, Balance etc to present as comprehensive a picture of the science of Yog as possible, within the scope of a book...Read More

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Thoughts..  of the Inner World by YOGI ASHWINI
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