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anti ageing aging workshop

How is it that the rishis in the Himalayas maintain their youth till the last? Some of them even at the age of 85-90 exude a glow and radiance, rarely seen in ordinary men even at the age of 20! What was it that they did, that was so different? Had they found the fountain of youth?
The answer is simple - they understood the principles that govern the creation. They were in tune with nature, rather than against it.

Ageing is a phenomenon that starts the day a baby is born. This ageing begins because of the process of breathing. Every breath results in the production of energy and the equal and opposite effect is the ageing of the cell due to the production of toxins called ama. This same breathing process results in the loss of skin elasticity, reduction in the proficiency of the five senses and wrinkles, all of which are a sign of ageing.

Additionally, unhealthy lifestyles, stress and pressure, emotional congestion, anger, over indulgence in sexual activities, all lead to ageing, which is nothing but the dulling of the senses and a weak body. Add to that artificial chemicals, laser treatments and cosmetic therapies that one resorts to all in the hope of staying young and maintaining their youthful glow. Every cell in the human body is limited in energy and once the energy finishes, the cell finishes, there is no way of getting it back. And such treatments only further accelerate the ageing process by taking one towards artificiality and exposing the body to a host of toxins.

Some symptoms of ageing :

  • Graying hair
  • Wrinkles
  • Dark circles
  • Dulling of senses
  • Low immunity
  • Diminishing strength
  • Fatigue
  • Disease
  • Lack of glow

What makes this workshop different?
This workshop is based on the techniques given in the book, Sanatan Kriya The Ageless Dimension, which has been acclaimed as a thesis on anti-ageing by leading doctors of the country. The techniques, kriyas and concepts discussed are the outcome of two decades of pioneering research on anti-ageing done by Yogi Ashwini, an amalgation of ancient Indian gyan with the latest scientific researches that back it.
The kriyas and techniques discussed in the workshop are enough to impart the glow and attraction to attract men, and when performed under the sanidhya of Guru, even devs and devis.

Who Can Attend?
Anybody looking for a holistic and natural means to breathe young till the last without resorting to artificial chemicals, synthetic implants, pills and treatments. The earlier you start, the better.

Workshop Structure
  • Brief introduction on the ageing process and its contributing factors
  • Certain rare rasayans (rejuvenating tonics) that provide nourishment & arrest ageing
  • Individual-specific diets and regimens for an ageless body
  • Prepare-at-home beauty recipes and applications
  • Certain rare and ancient techniques & kriyas from Ayurveda, Yoga & the Vedas for promoting longevity and a youthful look
  • Question-answer and doubt session addressing individual-specific concerns
Visitors Please Note!
Dhyan Foundation does not promise or claim to perform any miracles, healings or demonstrate supernatural powers to the practitioners. Please do not come to us looking for any of these. If you are looking to cure a disease, visit a doctor. If you are looking for financial gains, visit a consultant. If you want to mend relationships, visit a counsellor. Come to us when you are desirous of the journey beyond..
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