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Emotional Decongestion Workshop
Emotional Decongestion Workshop

Take a moment to look at the faces around you; each is troubled, not because of themselves, but because of someone else, and that someone else is usually the one who is sitting next to him/her...Why is it that for the majority of us problems stem from the closest relations - friends, spouse, children, parents - and not from someone whom we do not know? It is these very attachments that lead to an emotionally congested body thus exposing it to diseases.

In our pranic body, at the geometric center of the manipoorak and the anahad chakra, lies a highly volatile chakra called the surya chakra or the solar plexus. Its location corresponds roughly to the thymus gland in the body, which is the gland that boosts your immunity and keeps disease at bay. Through the surya chakra, a being constantly forms connections in the form of narrow tubes with each and every person/thing/occasion that enters his/her life, and this congests the surya chakra.

Once the region is congested, free flow of prana is restricted and the chakra becomes highly volatile and starts behaving like the sun, moving very fast. This leads to a lot of problems such as,

  • Damage of the local organs including the thymus compromising the immunity of body and causing diseases to enter
  • Hyperactivity
  • Shortness of breath
  • Deranged stomach
  • Asthma
  • High blood pressure
  • Arthritis
  • General state of dishevelment

Through this workshop one learns to take care of their emotional baggage(s) and thus bring the body back to a state of balance.

What makes this workshop different?
Emotional outbursts are major cause of depletion of the regenerative fluids from the body, causing the body to age and become weak, leading to further depression and congestion, hence a vicious circle. Through this workshop, an individual is able to gain control over emotions, and experience the happiness and bliss associated with the state of being detached from the people and things that are a constant source of trouble or pain. The power of a person who is stable and emotionally sound, is phenomenal.

Why attend?
Emotional congestion is like a time bomb set inside you, without which a human being can become immortal. This four-step technique is very powerful and effective and within a period of 45 days to two months your 'trouble' will go away. Immediate effects one begins to feel with the practise of this is

  • A state of balance, wherein you tend to remain un-affected in an unpleasant situation, environment or company
  • Sense of calm, peace and a pleasant disposition
  • A positive attitude and outlook
  • A healthy body rid of diseases
  • Deep and peaceful sleep

Workshop Structure
  • Understanding the role ‘connections’ play in the physical and etheric body and the centre (solar plexus) that drive your emotions
  • Sensitising oneself to the etheric body and the etheric channels that connect us to people and things around us
  • Elementary purification and strength-building necessary to tune the body to the process of decongestion
  • Four-step process to decongest the solar plexus
  • Question-answer and doubt session addressing individual-specific concerns
Who Can Attend?

Our body is like a beautiful flowing river of prana (energy) and any congestion or blockages as a result of our connections/ emotions will obstruct the flow of prana. Today, almost all of us are plagued by such connections and thus are the victims of many ailments. This workshop is open to anyone seeking an emotionally-decongested healthy body.

Visitors Please Note!
Dhyan Foundation does not promise or claim to perform any miracles, healings or demonstrate supernatural powers to the practitioners. Please do not come to us looking for any of these. If you are looking to cure a disease, visit a doctor. If you are looking for financial gains, visit a consultant. If you want to mend relationships, visit a counsellor. Come to us when you are desirous of the journey beyond..
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