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Pesticides in food, detergent and steroids in milk, neurotoxins in skin-care products, formaldehyde in baby products, carcinogens in deodorants, heavy metals in water, poisonous gases in the air….Toxins are everywhere. The book 'Sanatan Kriya: The Ageless Dimension' details the toxins and harmful chemicals found in everyday products and their impact on our health.
Toxins enter our body through what we see, touch, hear, smell, taste and even think. Yes! Thoughts too contaminate the body, in fact thoughts are at the root of most diseases in the body. The result? Human body today is 90% germs, confirms latest study by National Institute of Health, USA.
When the body gets choked with toxins, the cells struggle for that vital prana. When the cells struggle, they use up more energy faster and as a result, the cells die faster, weakening the body. When the body becomes weak, disease enters.
Therefore, it is important to periodically detoxify the body for longevity and to keep disease at bay.

The cleansing process

Organic Clay Wrap: The skin is the largest organ in the body and is extremely porous. It is constantly in contact with environmental pollutants. As a result, the amount of chemicals and toxins absorbed by the skin is extremely high. Any detoxification process, therefore, is incomplete unless the skin is completely purified. Organic body wraps made from volcanic clays and enriched with pure essential oils work wonders for the skin, pulling out impurities and eliminating toxins, giving you 'that' instant glow.

Organic and Fragrant Salt Bath: Since the skin is a highly porous membrane, adding the right minerals and salts to the bath water triggers the process of reverse osmosis which pulls out salts from the body and the toxins along with them.
Extremely beneficial is a salt bath combining Epsom salts, essential oils and organic rose petals. Epsom salts of magnesium have the property of flushing out toxins and heavy metals from the body and soothing the nerves. When soaked in warm bath water, essential oils get released in air and the fragrance stimulates nerve endings opening the pores in skin. The salt then flushes out toxins.

Self Massage: Self Massage, called as abhyanga in Ayurveda, helps in regulating the flow of blood and nutrients in the body. Touch is an importance source of transference of prana, therefore self massage is advised as against going to a masseuse for the latter leads to transference of thoughts and pranic frequencies of the masseuse to the person, which may not be desirable. A pure and organic oil which suits your prakriti maybe used, essential oils can be added for additional benefits. After the massage a 15-20 minute rest is prescribed, to be followed by bath.

Pure Desi Ghee: After cleansing the body, it is extremely important to rejuvenate and strengthen it to ensure optimal functioning and prevent wear and tear. Pure ghee from the milk of desi cow which has been harvested organically, without the use of steroids and chemicals, and after ensuring that the calf gets its share of milk, is a rasayan par excellence and works to lubricate the inner walls of organs adding to their life and functioning. This ghee should be added to the meals to ensure optimal nourishment without harmful cholesterol and with no fear of weight gain.

Herbal Ghee: As per Ayurveda, we have four stomachs (stomach being the organ for digestion) - the mouth, the stomach, the small intestine and the large intestine (colon). Herbal ghee containing one year old pure desi ghee and stipulated quantities of 14 rare herbs and 2 kashayas of triphala, has cleansing as well as vitalising effect on the first three stomachs of the body.

Oceanic clay: Derived from the Dry Ocean beds in America, when ingested, this clay soaks up toxins from the digestive tract. It is consumed first thing in the morning and elimination processes are initiated afterwards, which flushes out all contaminants from the body.

Herbal Lemon tea: Herbal lemon tea when consumed with no milk or sugar after meals stimulates the digestive system and aids removal of toxins leaving you light and energetic without the toxic effects of common tea.

Laghu Shankh Prakshalan: Ayurveda says, and modern science confirms that death begins in the colon. It is therefore extremely important to keep the colon clean. Yoga, prescribes Laghu Shankh Prakshalan to cleanse the colon, the modern hydrocolon therapy is a poor copy of the same and comes with a plethora of side effects, which are absent in the authentic practice.
The kriya consists of a specific set of asanas which when combined with the cleansing and preserving effect of saline water rid the body of toxins through the elementary canal.
*It is of utmost importance not to force the bowel movement after completing the set of asanas. Keep lying in shavasana and only get up to answer the call of nature.

Green Arabica Basti: Besides, Ayurveda talks of various kinds of basti (modern term being enema) for cleansing and strengthening the rectal passage. Basti performed with special enema powder containing green Arabica coffee, has the effect of extracting toxins from the liver. The blood in the body gets filtered through the liver every three minutes, as a result of which most toxins get accumulated there. The fragrance of the Arabica coffee opens up the ileocecal valve in the small intestines, thus allowing the contents to reach the liver and remove toxins.
*Enemas should be avoided in case of piles, fissures and bleeding from the rectum.

Mantra Chanting: Sound was the first aspect of manifested creation. Each sound is a specific frequency which generates a unique effect. Vedic seers had mastered this science of sound and gave us codified forms of sound energies called mantras. When acquired and practiced from the siddha of a mantra, mantras can alter states of matter in creation. Their role in healing and purification is phenomenal. Mantras remove imbalance and heaviness from the etheric (pranic) body, thus preventing disease from manifesting in the physical.
Specific mantras, when chanted during the detoxification process, act as catalysts and completely rid the body of negative energy.

Pranayamas: Our health and vitality is dependent on the frequency of prana that vibrates in and around us. Pranayama is a salutation to this prana. The physical body is just a reflection of the etheric layer called pranamaya kosha which controls prana. This layer consists of chakras and nadis through which prana flows in the body. Therefore to ensure physical health, balance first needs to be achieved in this kosha.
Pranayamas alter the state of prana by the medium of breath. Specific pranayamas have the effect of cleansing nadis and clearing blockages in them, thereby restoring balance in the physical.

The Self Detox Program has been verified by Dr Shalini Mishra, Mumbai. When performed in the correct manner, the self-detox process results in instant glow and lightness in the body - youthfulness, vigor and disease-free mind and body are added benefits…something, which is testified by professionals, doctors, entrepreneurs, journalists and homemakers across the country who have tried it.

However, it is imperative that the process is followed in totality, materials used are pure, natural and unadulterated and the practices are performed under the guidance of a Guru.

This self detox-program is extremely easy and can be performed by you at home. You may learn the techniques, procedures and mantras at any of our centers worldwide. The Detox Kit is available at Dhyan Foundation. Most of the ingredients are sourced from England, France, Germany, Netherlands and America and great care is taken to ensure their purity and quality.

I am a scientist, and am currently working as a general manager at a chemical company in Mumbai. In today's world we are exposed to all sort of toxins, pollutants everywhere, be it home, office or public places. The situation is much scarier for someone like me, who, as a chemist, is exposed to toxic chemicals on a regular basis and being in this profession I am also aware of the limitations of modern medicine in dealing with impact of all these toxins and pollutants on our body.
So this detox program based on Ayurvedic principles, which was conducted in Bangalore recently, came as a breath of fresh air. I found it to be very simple to follow and extremely effective. It involved drinking of medicated Desi Ghee, Laghu Shankh, special face and body packs, steaming and Sauna, herbal baths and anema of herbal medicine to cleans the colon. All components were sourced from authentic sources in France, Germany, America etc. The programmed focused not just on cleansing the entire body but also calmed the mind with the help of powerful chants and pranayams. This detox program worked on body as well as mind. I am convinced that by following this detox schedule regularly, we can maintain and regain the lost glow in our bodies, remain healthy and slow down the aging process. Another learning of this program was the importance of a Guru.
- Dr. VS Mishra

I am a general physician in Mumbai and have been practicing for the last twenty years. I get large number of patients from all strata of society who look much older than their actual age. No need to say, that this is because of unhealthy food, polluted environment, poor lifestyle and absence of mental peace. This unique detox program is designed to take care of all aspects of health-physical as well as mental. On physical level it involves use of Face packs, body wraps, steam baths, special salt bath to cleans the Skin, which is the largest organ in the body. Medicated Ghee is given to cleanse the mouth and oesophagus. Laghu Sankh process with special imported salts cleans the intestines and the Herbal Anema cleans the Colon. On a mental level, it dramatically improves the feeling of peacefulness because of mantra chanting under sanidhya of Guru. Mantra Chanting was personally supervised by Yogi Ashwini ji. As per Ayurveda, only someone who is healthy at physical as well as mental level can be called healthy. This detox program achieves this balance in an amazingly simple and effective way. I got this feedback from most of people who undertook the detox program. I have my own experience of this detox program. I recommend all of you to experience this unique detox program in sanidhya of Yogi Ashwini ji.
- Dr. Shalini Mishra

It was a unique experience indeed. The uniqueness could be attributed to the spiritual element which was the main attraction of all. It was a real relaxation of the mind and body along with the awakening of the spirit.
-Dr. Maneesha, Gynaecologist

The detox experience was really good. The following are the advantages I noted after completing it:
1. Less hunger pangs.
2. Higher energy levels with less food consumed.
3. Even though I slept less we could manage it easily without feeling tired.
4. Have lost almost 3 kg in a week even though I consumed lots of desi ghee, which is really surprising.
5. Feeling of lightness
6. Even after returning home, the craving for unhealthy food came down remarkably.
7. Craving for coffee has reduced (I have been addicted since childhood).
Overall it was a great experience.
- Dr. Prasan Prabhakar

Apart from the fact that my body felt light and energetic, I particularly noticed that I was naturally able to overcome the temptation of eating heavy foods. Ever since the start of the program, I was eating the same diet and I did not have the urge to go change it. What was interesting was that it came naturally from the within rather than by forceful control. The experience with Yogi ji when each of us were asked to touch the havan fire was nothing short of a miracle. Yogiji, out of his grace, ensured each one experienced this miracle and once again proved that nothing is impossible for a Yogi.
- Sasidhar, IT professional

The laghu shankh experience has been fantastic. It worked really well for me.
It amazes me how scientific our rishis were, for nothing of what the modern man does comes anywhere to what our rishis laid out eons ago. I felt I left behind an old skin after the detox.
- Kavita Jain, HR professional with a multinational firm

After doing the detox programme as prescribed, I lost 1 kg weight and my cravings for sweets reduced drastically. My appetite has also gone down, I feel more energetic and get full much sooner than before. My cravings for tea have also gone down. Now I don't feel like drinking lots of tea at one go. I have also ended up developing an affinity for healthy food - a psychological benefit of the detox programme. Now, I think twice before reaching out for a biscuit or a slice of cake.

- Shivangi, Software Analyst in a leading Multinational

I lost between 2-3 kg weight and am feeling extremely light. My skin is feeling alive and the stomach is tucked in. It was an amazing experience and I feel at least 5 years younger. Its preventive healthcare and I feel blessed to have cleansed my internal systems so deeply and thoroughly.
- Sonia Sharma, Entrepreneur

I felt more energetic, healthy and active through the day which wasn't usually the case. I was less fatigued despite and I felt light and good about myself. Though on the third day there was tiredness, it was probably because we slept less. I also lost 2kg weight. I would really like to repeat and continue the process at home.
- Heena, presales consultant in WNS global services

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