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Sanatan Kriya The Ageless Dimension

Sanatan kriya The Ageless Dimension

Yogi Ashwini's latest book 'Sanatan Kriya, The Ageless Dimension' explains the process of ageing in the human body and critically examines this process. The book suggests remedies for arresting the ageing process and maintaining "THAT" youthful look till your last breath. The book gives techniques to prolong life and gives nourishing recipes to combat the process of ageing. Certain rare rasayans for rejuvenating the body and maintaining its youth are also given. Techniques and kriyas for promoting longevity and youthful looks from Shiv Samhita, Gherand Samhita, Charak Samhita... Read More

"Yogi Ashwini's book, 'The Ageless Dimension', is a masterpiece on the subject and the techniques given are worth practicing."
-Indu Jain,
Times of India Group
"An authentic and awesome thesis on anti-ageing and its complexities made easy. A must-read for all ages."
-Lt. Gen. K. K. Singh,
Neurophysician and Head,
Army Research and Referral Hospital

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Sanatan Kriya The Ageless Dimension by YOGI ASHWINI
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