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Doomsday Y? Warning of the vedic rishis to mankind

Doomsday Y? Warning of the vedic rishis to mankind

Our ancestors lived in the times when resources were in plenty and there was zero pollution. They had attained mastery in all fields of science and technology and had a profound understanding of the creation and the laws that govern it. They had unravelled the mysteries of human body and environment from core to periphery. The modern scientists are still trying to decode the sciences of creation, only to rediscover what the rishis had told us eons ago. Till now they have only touched the periphery but in the process we have exhausted our precious resources, we have given birth to diseases that were unheard of even few decades back and have reached the levels of pollutions that are choking the earth.

The incredible part is, that the vedic rishis even understood our times better than us! Today we are living the predictions made by the vedic rishis, we have however forgotten the solutions that they offered...

If one looks around, today every supposed yoga guru is busy selling the subject of using it for his/her own commercial gains. Whatever might be the packaging, the content is always the same. This phenomenon is creating mistrust among the youth about the pious and powerful vedic sciences. The impression that one gets is that they are just another way of making money while the fact is something else…

"Somebody who is himself tied in maya cannot release you from the bondages of maya, which is the ultimate purpose of yog. If you are released, only then you can access the hidden psychic powers and phenomenal, at times, breathtaking siddhis that come with pure yog."

This book is an attempt to give a bird's eye view of the hidden secrets and advanced scientific bent of mind of the vedic rishis You will be pleasantly surprised as you read the quotations from the vedic authorities on space science, theories of magnetism, mathematics, healing sciences, etc, given thousands of years back in the vedas, the credit of which has been falsely taken by the modern scientists.

It is a must-read for all to know why we are headed towards the doomsday and also to find a way out. Discover the vedic culture from beginning to end of mankind. Take this warning and know the reasons why doomsday is near...save yourself if you can.

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Doomsday Y? Warning of the vedic rishis to mankind by Chandni Jain
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