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Thoughts For The Adept - 1
Sermons of Yogi Ashwini
About the book
A collection of sermons of Yogi Ashwini released in the year of his entering vanprastha ashram, this book is the first volume of the two, a collector's dream.
The sermons give a deep insight into the realm of spirituality, critically examine rare sadhnas like Pradakshina and simplify the yogic concepts of Guru, Kundalini, Tattva Gyan, etc. An essence of His teachings of the last twenty years, the main thought of these sermons is directed towards Shiv Sadhna.
A must-read for anyone desirous of experiencing the Supreme Reality. These sermons shall take you to the doorway which the Guru shall open for you then, into the final merger…

"Creation consists of many aspects, some are perceivable by the five senses and for some, higher senses are required which require opening of the third eye. Today’s men being ruled by desire have little inclination to go beyond the realm of five senses and their objects. Through these sermons I have tried to expand the realm of desires of people so that the quest to access the final frontier sets in and the journey of the spirit takes a new dimension.
I have picked up concepts and critically discussed the cause and effect of higher senses and what lies beyond the realm of five senses. The book is for the people who have a little background of yog and for those who want to know beyond the realm of five senses.
" - Yogi Ashwini
"Yogi Ashwini provides the reader with profound insights and direct experience on the essence of yog that is very difficult to access today. He offers true guidance for a genuine and transformational yog sadhna, revealing yog as a practical way of working beyond karma to realise the Supreme Reality as the ground of our own being."
-Dr. David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri),
Director, American Institute of Vedic Studies

"There is no doubt in my mind, when I read “Thoughts for the Adept” by Yogi Ashwini, that it draws its inspiration directly from Mother India and Her eternal source of Knowledge. The chapter dealing with Gurus, for instance, a concept which is difficult to understand for westerners, used to what we call ignorantly 'free will', is very enlightening, for it tells us in simple and clear concepts why having a Guru is the easiest way to reach Knowledge for us mortal beings. It also delves deeply in concepts of ancient India, which have been forgotten, such as asuric vritti, for there is no doubt we live in a time where the asuric forces dominate the world and have taken hold in India – at least for the time
It is my earnest wish that this book does well, so that it enriches the lives of many Indians who have been cut from their own ancient Knowledge by the westernized education that is now unfortunately imparted here."
-François Gautier,
Editor in Chief, La Revue de l'Inde (larevuedelinde.com),
Correspondent, South Asia Valeurs Actuelles (valeursactuelles.fr)

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Thoughts For The Adept -1
Sermons of Yogi Ashwini
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