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Sanatan Kriya: Basic – Essence of Yoga
The Book Sanatan Kriya: Basic – Essence of Yoga by Yogi Ashwini of Dhyan Foundation was launched at the InterContinental Nehru Place, on February 24, 2007, in a glittering function by Ms Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minisster of Delhi. The launch was attended by a galaxy of stars from various strata of society. Some of the prominent people present were Mr Gopal Subramanium, Additional Solicitor General of India, who lauded the work of the Foundation emphasizing the charitable acts the Foundation’s volunteers are involved in. He specially spoke of his experience with Yogiji.

Book Cover

Chief Minister Smt. Sheila Dikshit with G.S. Johar chairperson C & C Construction Ltd., releasing the book

Smt. Sheila Dikshit and Yogi Ashwini
The Chief Minister spoke about the relationship Yogiji has with his children who were also present. She specifically commented about Yogiji fulfilling his earthly duties and simultaneously being a yogic master guiding so many people all over the world onto the path of yoga. Other people present were Ms Nafisa Ali, Mr Tirlochan Singh (Member of Parliament), Justice JL Gupta, MP, Padmabhushan Kuchipuddi exponent Mr Raja and Ms Kaushalya Reddy, and their daughter Yamini, His Excellency Ambassador of Romania Mr Sofineti, Mr Jayakumar, joint secretary, ministry of culture, Mr Saurabh Chandra, joint secretary ministry of disinvestment, son of law minister Mr Arun Bhardwaj, advocate Supreme Court.

Yogiji's students performing

(from left to right) Yamini, Kaushalya & Raja Reddy, Smt. Sheila Dikshit, Additional Solicitor General of India Mr. Gopal Subramaniyam, His Excellency The Ambassador of Romania Mr. Sofineti

Nafisa Ali, Social Activist
Yogiji described the book Sanatan Kriya: Basic - Essence of Yoga as a practical approach to yoga encompassing all the eight limbs of Ashtang Yog in a manner which a normal person would be able to easily practice. "The benefits of Sanatan Kriya" Yogiji said, "are emotional, financial stability, beautiful body and gyan (the experience of the subtler worlds not just their bookish knowledge)". The experience of the various aspects of the inner world was also echoed by some of his students who included Rear Admiral Byce, Nidhesh Gupta, senior Supreme Court lawyer, G. S Johar, Chairman C&C Construction Ltd, and Dr Shobha Kaul, CEO, Personal Point. On being asked by someone from the audience that though all the Foundation activities are free of cost then where will the proceeds from the sale of the book go? Yogiji answered that all the proceeds will go towards charity.

There was also a demonstration of various postures of Ashtang Yog continuously for 30 min by Yogiji’s students. At the end of which, a doctor from the audience checked their pulse and was surprised that they were around 50 counts per minute! Dr Brig. K.K. Singh renowned neurophysician explained how Dhyan Foundation practitioners can control the autonomous nervous system; implying a perfect harmony between body, mind, and spirit.

Yogi Ashwini

Mr. Nidesh Gupta (Senior Advocate Supreme Court) with Yogi Ashwini

Dhyan Foundation members with Chanda Narang (3rd from left)

Additional Solicitor General of India Mr. Gopal Subramaniyam addressing the gathering
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