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Women Empowerment

In ancient texts, women hold a place of considerable respect and power. A woman is the embodiment of Shakti, even more so in present times, as she is the binding force that keeps families and society together. Empowering one woman may result in empowering an entire household including the health and well-being of the family. A self-reliant woman is more likely to ensure fewer children dropping out from schools ensuring a higher literacy rate and will contribute towards better income that may result in improved standard of living. Empowering women not only helps their families, but their communities and the country at large.

Propelled by the thought, Dhyan Foundation started the women empowerment programme under the aegis of Dhyan Yog Society. Our vocational training centres in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, and Gurgaon provide free tailoring, sewing, embroidery, beauty and other courses to help these women learn an art they could use.

The initiative has garnered wonderful response and altered lives for innumerable women and their families. With centres across the country the initiative is moving forward with immense vigour providing these women with an opportunity to start earning to add to their husbands income, making them self-reliant and enabling them to move towards a much secure future. The initiative is visibly proving to be a blessing.

What We Do

  • Sponsor and support blind girls at the National Association for the Blind
  • Organise regular health check camps for women
  • Educate them about health, nutrition and family-care
  • Equip them to carve a living for themselves by providing vocational training such as beauty, stitching, sewing, embroidery courses
  • Find and generate employment for the underprivileged
  • Help restore health and confidence and turn them into productive assets of society through free yog and meditation classes

How You Can Help

  • Sponsor a woman's education or training
  • Lend us space to start a training center
  • Volunteer to teach any skill or art form that may help these women
  • Help us seek employment for these women
  • Donate in cash or kind

To volunteer, donate or join the cause contact 9999567895. or write in to dhyan@dhyanfoundation.com.

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