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"It is the dharma of a human to protect and provide for those weaker than him and ensure that no being goes hungry in the vicinity." - Yogi Ashwini

India is home to a large population of stray and orphaned animals. Many of these succumb to accidents and diseases due to poor living conditions and often due to insensitivity of humans, sometimes negligence of their owners too.

At Dhyan Foundation, we try to provide food, shelter and medical assistance to as many needy animals as we come across, and this is made possible due to the consistent efforts of our volunteers and supporters. You too can help these animals.

You can remotely adopt a dog or a calf, and sponsor its upkeep/medical requirements for a year and we will take care of it for you. We will keep you posted on how your pet is faring!

One Dog - Rs 15000/Year Or 2 Eggs, 250ml milk and soya beans a day.

One Calf - Rs 24000/Year Or 6kg bhusa, 400gm khal churi, 2kg greens a day.

When you sponsor/adopt an animal, you cover his monthly food and medical bills. You may visit the animal you sponsor, whenever you want to!

Please select the animals you want to adopt/sponsor.

Cows for Adoption
Badi Kaali @ Delhi Gaushala

Age: 8 years, Female

I am the gullible one. Every one takes me for a ride, but then comes to me only when they seek comfort.

Chetak @ DF Zamaulin Gaushala, Goa Gaushala

The triangular mark on my forehead is a blessing from Lord Shiv. They tell me I bring luck...

Chutku @ Darbhanga Gaushala

I moo. I eat. I sleep. I have my eyes and ears on everyone.
Come over, and I'll update you on all the gossip from the shed.
Don't forget to get me greens!

Gauri @ Delhi Gaushala

I am like a mother to them all, they heed my advise and seek my love. I would love to nurse you too.

Golu @ Darbhanga Gaushala

My name doesn't match my built. Though I don't mind being a true golu if you fill me up with all the yummy treats!
I am a foodie, if you are one too, we will go a long way!

Hanu @ Darbhanga Gaushala

I am fast as wind & mischievous as a monkey...you know where my name comes from!
Be my friend, you'll never have to worry!

Kalia @ Delhi Gaushala

Age: 10 years, Female

I am the dada of the herd. You want anything done here, you speak to me mate!

Kamakshi @ BalodBazar Gaushala

Age: 12 years, Female

I am the listener. You can pour your heart out to me, I will laugh and cry with you and love you for life. Adopt me.

Kamdhenu @ Delhi Gaushala

Age: 9, Male

A Kamdhenu by birth and deed, my blessings can take you places.

Kammo @ Delhi Gaushala

Age: 8 years, Female

Take a look at my white skin and pink nose, I am a Kamdhenu, the cow of plenty. Adopt me to try it out.

Lallu @ BalodBazar Gaushala

Age: 2 years, Male

My beautiful eyes can read deep secrets in your heart. Care to adopt me?

Mohan @ BalodBazar Gaushala

Age: 12 years, Male

It is said opening your homes to cows is opening your heart to love. Its time to open your heart, come take me home.

Mumba @ BalodBazar Gaushala

Age: 5 years, Male

I am the mischievous one. Adopt me if you too love to play pranks on your friends.

Pinku @ Darbhanga Gaushala

I got my name because that's the color I turn when people get me treats.
I have a weakness for carrots. Do remember to get some when you come visit me!

Purbi @ Delhi Gaushala

Age: 5 years, Female

My limb was broken in an accident, my spirit is intact. Come and I tell you tales from the street.

Pyaare @ Darbhanga Gaushala

We owe our pink noses, pink ears and milky complexions to the Kamdhenu lineage.
Our kinds are famous for fulfilling wishes. It's no mumbo-jumbo...come, try it for yourself!

Shambhu @ Darbhanga Gaushala

I like people, but am a little shy to approach new people.
Give it some time and we can be best buddies.

Shreya @ BalodBazar Gaushala

Age: 4 years, Female

In a "Perfect" world, every cow would have a home and every home would have a cow. Lets start the perfect world with you and me.

Sohan @ BalodBazar Gaushala

Age: 3 year, Male

I know more than you think, and think a great deal more than what you know. Know me more and ill keep thinking of you!

Steve @ Delhi Gaushala

Age: 2 years, Male

I am the atheletic one. The fastest of the lot, I follow cow-sports closely. Score over me.

Vaidehi @ BalodBazar Gaushala

Age: 17 years, Female

If you like to hear tales of the past and of people and animals and don't mind some elderly advise, talk to me.


Dogs for Adoption
Blackie @ Delhi

We were five best friends. Sadly, two of our buddies got run down by reckless drivers in the colony. Before the three of us could meet a similar fate, someone so nice, gave us shelter at a gaushala. You can be our family...We promise, we don't bite, we only love.
Boonie @ Delhi

Age: 8 Years, Male

I was rescued from Sharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. I am the oldest member of the shelter. Be my guardian, so that we can help foster more like me.
Chalmali @ Delhi

Age: 6 Months, Female

I am a bubbly dog and keep others at the shelter entertained. I along with my siblings and mother was brought to the shelter from Baas Gaon village. Help them take care of more like us.
Daya @ Delhi

Age: 4-5 Years, Male

My owner tied me outside the shelter and left. They call me Daya, the angry cop. I can get grumpy…but only with offenders. I am loved by friends.
Gohin @ Delhi

Age: 4-5 Years, Male

Delhi roads are tough, too much traffic. As I was going through the everyday sport of avoiding being run down by a car, some kind people noticed me and dropped me off at the shelter. Life is more relaxed here.
Gori @ Delhi

Age: 6 Monthts, Female

I am a loving pup. They call me Gori becase of my milky complexion, but don't miss out on the special black tail and pirate's eye that I sport.
Minne @ Delhi

Age: 1 month

We were abandoned on the road by our owner. A nice person dropped us off at the shelter, where we are being taken care of. Would you like to be our new family?
Ravina @ Delhi

Age: 2-3 Months, Female

Found sporting a white and tan fur, my moves and antics charm everyone. I was all alone in Baas Gaon when they brought me home. They call me Ravina, will you like to adopt me?
Shubhro Kanti @ Delhi

Age: 5 Monhts, Male

I am a pup who keeps to his own. Introvert and shy but extremely well-behaved. Would love to have you as my buddy.
Snoopy @ Tumkur

Male Dog

I was hit by a vehicle on the road, and the driver did not even bother to stop. My cry was heard by a kind DF volunteer who nursed me back to health.
Sudhandya @ Delhi

Age: 2 Years, Female

There is little food on the streets, much is toxic, and even though as a stray I don't really care about that, there are enough on the streets to compete for that food too. And so I was malnourished. But today, at the shelter I am assured a wholesome meal. Will you sponsor me?
Tilakram @ Tumkur

Male Pup

I get my name from the 'tilak' on my forehead. I used to live on the streets, where food was scarce. Once I was with no food or water for three days, that's when I became sick, but thankfully someone brought me here. Now I am happy and can't wait to be adopted by you.
Veeru @ Delhi

Age: 3-4 Years, Female

I am your dog-next-door. I grew up at a farm and then the construction started, so I was done away with. Would love you to care for me.
Please select the animals you want to adopt/sponsor.
Thank you for Adopting
Aditi @ Goa Gaushala
Anusuiya @ Challur Gaushala
Arundhati @ Challur Gaushala
Astya @ Challur Gaushala
Atharvan @ Challur Gaushala
Attreya @ Challur Gaushala
Baadal @ Sitapur Gaushala
Baby-gauri @ Delhi Gaushala
Bade Seeng wali @ Delhi Gaushala
Balraam @ Tumkur Gaushala
Basava @ Tumkur Gaushala
Batman @ Delhi Gaushala
BB @ Tumkur
Bhanumati @ Delhi
Bhaumi @ BalodBazar Gaushala
Bheema @ Tumkur Gaushala
Bheeshma @ Sitapur Gaushala
Bhola @ Darbhanga Gaushala
Bhrigu @ Challur Gaushala
Bindu @ Goa Gaushala
Blackberry @ Delhi
Charak @ Challur Gaushala
Cheeku @ Sitapur Gaushala
Chetak @ Goa Gaushala
Chintan @ Sitapur Gaushala
Chintu @ Delhi Gaushala
Choti Kali @ Delhi Gaushala
Dharma @ Sitapur Gaushala
Dhruv @ Challur Gaushala
Don @ Sitapur Gaushala
Drona @ Challur Gaushala
Gagan @ Tumkur Gaushala
Gandharv @ Sitapur Gaushala
Gauri @ Tumkur Gaushala
Gokul @ Tumkur Gaushala
Golu @ Delhi
Golu @ Challur Gaushala
Gomathi @ Chennai Gaushala
Gopi @ Goa Gaushala
Gowri @ Chennai Gaushala
Hansa @ BalodBazar Gaushala
Himalaya @ Sitapur Gaushala
Jacky @ Delhi Gaushala
Jagateshwar @ Sitapur Gaushala
Janki @ BalodBazar Gaushala
Jatayu @ Sitapur Gaushala
Kaalu @ Sitapur Gaushala
Kajal @ Tumkur Gaushala
Kaveri @ Tumkur Gaushala
Kishan @ Goa Gaushala
Kishore @ Goa Gaushala
Kittu @ Delhi
Krishna Kaya @ Delhi
Lakshmi @ Tumkur Gaushala
Lakshmi @ BalodBazar Gaushala
Lopa @ Challur Gaushala
Maithili @ BalodBazar Gaushala
Markandey @ Challur Gaushala
Megha @ Goa Gaushala
Mitr @ Challur Gaushala
Mo @ Delhi
Moody @ Delhi
Narad @ Sitapur Gaushala
Parashar @ Challur Gaushala
Paro @ Goa Gaushala
Parshu @ Challur Gaushala
Peeku @ Delhi
Radha @ BalodBazar Gaushala
Radha @ Delhi Gaushala
Rani @ BalodBazar Gaushala
Rashi @ Delhi Gaushala
Rigo @ BalodBazar Gaushala
Ritu @ Goa Gaushala
Rohan @ BalodBazar Gaushala
Rohini @ BalodBazar Gaushala
Roshni @ Goa Gaushala
Sheetal @ Goa Gaushala
Shyam @ Goa Gaushala
Sita @ BalodBazar Gaushala
Soorya @ Tumkur Gaushala
Surya @ Goa Gaushala
Tikcoo @ Tumkur
Tola @ Sitapur Gaushala
Trisha @ Goa Gaushala
Tulsi @ BalodBazar Gaushala
Venkatesh @ Chennai Gaushala
Vishesh @ Challur Gaushala
Vrinda @ BalodBazar Gaushala
Vyasam @ Challur Gaushala
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