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Guru Vaani - Dev – Devis and Sushumna Nadi (Part - 1 )

Dev – Devis and Sushumna Nadi (Part - 1 )

Every dev or devi is a sanchalak (driving force) of a shakti which controls a specific aspect of creation and represents a level of balance or santulan.

Creation is in balance and we cannot say that there is only one balance in Creation, balance exists at various levels. The purpose of yog is to bring various imbalances within and around you into a state of balance, from vikriti to prakriti. When you bring about a balance in some aspect of you, you take the first step in yog. Yogis, however, create an imbalance within themselves voluntarily...

Why do yogis create imbalances within themselves? And, why do people suffer from imbalances in the form of pain and trouble if the creation is in balance? And how does one channelise the shakti of devs & devis to restore the balance within?

Listen to sermon to find out..

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