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vedic havan workshop

Imagine having been invited for dinner to a place filled with smoke, pungent odor and buzzing with unpleasant noises. Would you enter? On the contrary, it might just put you off. Same holds true for the devas.

Havans are a means to nourish the devas, a direct interaction with devlok and the forces that run this creation. Today havans have become synonymous with soot that makes the eyes burn, incense that chokes and sing-song mantras that are more a test of patience rather than invocation of the Divine. The result? Just look around...we have reached the zenith of negativity and chaos.

An Authentic Vedic Havan Experience

A havan is a medium to interact with gods and goddesses. The practice involves making oblations to fire along with specific chants. The fire having the ability of transformation can transform the physical into the subtle and the mantras have the ability to manifest the ability and power of devas in the physical world and also have the power and ability to control nature and normal human physical lives.

A havan performed under the sanidhya of a Guru, with purity of thought, ingredients and the correct chants, has the effect of completely changing the environment - the weather changes, air becomes fragrant, birds perch on the trees around, there is peace and stillness within and outside. These are all indications of the invocations being heard and responded to by the devs.

Puranas are abound with descriptions of havans performed by rishis, munis, tapasvis and sadhaks. Ram and Lakshman went with Vishvamitra to protect one such havan. Another famous havan was conducted by Janmajeya to exterminate Takshak and the entire clan of nagas to avenge the killing of his father Parikshit. At the completion of all such havans, devs and devis would appear to bless the havan. These are not things of the past, even today, divine manifestations are reported at the time of purna-ahuti in genuine havans.

Sadhaks who have been seriously practicing the various mantra siddhis, have had physical manifestations of the various gods. When they did the Ganpati mantra siddhi and did its havan, the complete form of Ganeshji was created in the kund. This is how manifestation happens when you do mantra sadhna. Lord Ganesh, the master of ridhi and sidhi, resides at the Mooladhar chakra and is the guardian of the doorway to higher loks. During a havan while doing mantra uccharan for Ganeshji, the energy in the Sushumna nadi rises upwards.

At the beginning of a havan, a sankalp is made which indicates the purpose for which the havan is conducted. Then the aahvan (invocation) of specific devs and devis is done requesting them to bless the havan. When conducted in a proper manner, these devs and devis reveal their form in the havan-agni at the time of purna-ahuti.

If you want to know whether the havan was performed properly or not, just watch the havan-agni at the time of purna-ahuti. You will able to see the form of dev/devi if the invocations were successful. But donít get attached to manifestations, focus should be on the havan.

Since the puranic times, asurs have been known to disrupt havans and create obstruction in the invocation of devic forces. That is the nature of an asur. The nature of a human being is to aid the positive forces, the devs and devis, by protecting the havans for the peace and prosperity of oneís home, surroundings and creation at large.

Come to Dhyan Foundation for a first-hand experience of an authentic Vedic havan. If you wish to conduct a Vedic havan in your premises, you may enquire at +91-9810-097-889

What makes Vedic Havans Different?

  • There is no fee
  • There is no smoke, the fragrances that emerge are aromatic and have healing properties
  • The atmosphere becomes peaceful
  • There are manifestations in the havan agni
  • The energy channelized during a havan is not hearsay, but experiential
Havans are not rituals, they are a science, science to establish the connection with the world of energy. Just like science, the results are perfect and precise, provided the havan is performed as prescribed by your Guru, a phenomenon experienced daily at Dhyan Ashram.

Workshop Structure
  • Ingredients required for the havan, preparation of havan samagri, tests for purity of ghee and samedha (lakdi)
  • Setting up of a havan kund
  • Significance of directions and times of day (sandhya) for different kinds of havans
  • Mantra chanting
  • Procedure for havan
  • Doís and Donítís in a havan
  • Code of Conduct for the oneís performing in the havan
Original unedited pictures of divine manifestations at yagyas conducted at Dhyan Ashram
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