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patanjali yoga sutra
Sutra 6

sutra 6 Pramaan virparyay vikalp nidra smritayah
Pramaan virparyay vikalp nidra smritayah

Translation: The five kinds of vrittis as mentioned by Sage Patanjali are pramaan (direct or indirect sensory experience), viparyay (opposite cognition), vikalp (abstract ideas created by words), nidra (sleep) and smriti (memory)

Vrittis or the impediments in the path of Yoga are to do with the mind…The mind remains engrossed in the vrittis and, as a result, it cannot see reality. It is like water in the bowl that is constantly creating ripples…to be able to see the coin (reality) placed at the bottom of the bowl, the water needs to be stilled.

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