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Sutra 35

sutra 35 Vishayvati vaa pravrittirutpanna manasah sthiti nibandhini
Vishayvati vaa pravrittirutpanna manasah sthiti nibandhini

Vishayvati: Relating to subtle experiences and subtle elements
Vaa: Also
Pravritti: Nature (trait)
Utpanna: Emerged from
Manasah: Mind
Sthiti: State
Nibandhini: To tie in, to still

Patanjali lists other ways to purify the chitta.

By stilling one’s state in a mind which is the product of subtle experiences and siddhis of yoga (chitta gets purified).

As one stills oneself in the one who has the siddhi of the subtler dimensions and their related experiences there is a transfer of shakti, which results in purification of the chitta. Only he who has experienced can grant you the experience, hence the role of Guru.

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