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Sutra 33

sutra 33 Maitri karuna muditupekshaanaam, sukhdukhpunyaapunyavishayanaam, bhaavanaatah chitta prasaadanam
Maitri karuna muditupekshaanaam, sukhdukhpunyaapunyavishayanaam, bhaavanaatah chitta prasaadanam

Maitri: Friendship
Karuna: Compassion
Mudita: Happiness
Upekshanaam: Disregard
Sukha: Pleasure
Dukha: Pain
Punya: Virtue
Apunya: Vice
Vishayanaam: Subjects
Bhavanatah: Disposition
Chitta: Mind
Prasadanam: Purified

Patanjali now details the process to detoxify/cleanse the chitta.

Harboring the feelings of friendship, compassion, happiness and disregard in the subjects of pleasure, pain, virtue and vice respectively purifies the chitta.

Sharing someone’s happiness like a friend (rather than being jealous), being compassionate towards someone in pain (rather than deriving pleasure out of it or thinking it serves him/her right), supporting and encouraging virtuous acts by expressing happiness in them, and disapproval of unethical deeds and raising voice against them, helps clean the chitta of impurities that cloud its vision.

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