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patanjali yoga sutra
Sutra 32

sutra 32 Tat pratishedhaartham ekatatvaabhyaasah
Tat pratishedhaartham ekatatvaabhyaasah

Tat: those (obstacles)
Pratishedha: removal
Artham: for the purpose of
Eka: one
Tatva: point/subject
Abhyaasah: practice

Patanjali now tells the process to overcome the above mentioned additional hindrances.

For the removal of those obstacles, one pointed focus is required.

Human mind can only think of and do one thing at any given point of time. Ayurveda also says that at one point of time only one of our senses is active. They alternate so fast that we cannot make out...Our body is programmed to achieve whatever it wants, provided it is one thing. Words like ekagrata, ek tatva nirantar abhyas, bhumadhya, all indicate that the path to success is one-pointed focus. As one stills him/herself on one thing, all the obstacles will wither away and then, in that one thing (whatever it might be), you will get the darshan of the ultimate.

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