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Sutra 31

sutra 31 Dukh daurmanasya angamevajayatva shvasaprashvasa vikshepasahbhuva
Dukh daurmanasya angamevajayatva shvasaprashvasa vikshepasahbhuva

Dukh: pain (physical or mental)
Daurmansya: grief
Angamejayatva: tremor in the body, inability to sit still
Shvasa: inhalation
Prashvasa: exhalation
Vikshepa: distraction
Sah bhuva: happen alongside

Patanjali now details other hindrances which come along with previously mentioned distractions,

Other obstructions accompany the distractions detailed in previous sutra, these are, pain, grief, inability to sit still and non-cessation of breath.

Dukh - Because the mind is distracted, it attaches itself to the unreal, and experiences pain and pleasure, which further derail the sadhak from the path of sadhna.

Daurmanasya - The grief and depression which engulf a being owing to non-fulfillment of desires (which are again unreal) further do not let him/her progress on the path of sadhna.

Angamevjayatva- Yog as described by patanjali is the stilling of the vrittis of chitta, stilling of bodily movements (including movement of eyeballs) is the first step, when the mind is distracted this is not achievable and there is movement in one or the other part of the body.

Shvasaprashvasa - Our breath too is a distraction, which brings our awareness back to the body and surroundings. In states of dhyan, there is natural cessation of breath as the being draws prana from subtler sources. This is unachievable in a distracted state.

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