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Patanjali Yog Sutras

patanjali yoga sutra
Sutra 28

sutra 28 tajjapastadarthbhaavanam

tat: that (om)
japah: chanting repeatedly
tat: that (om)
arth: meaning (true essence)
bhaavanam: meditate, contemplate

Patanjali details the process to use the name of Ishvar,
Do the jaap of om and internalize on its essence.

When we assumed this body, a chip was fitted at the center of our forehead (agya chakra) and we were given the software to activate this chip - om. When you go to agya and chant om, a signal is sent to where we have come from that we want to come back and so He sends for us...but we need to first overcome other energy centers of the body and only then we can access agya. This path can only be shown by your Guru.

The correct chant of om under the sanidhya of Guru has the power to take us back to the source...Patanjali here prescribes chanting the om and being aware of its true form, which is also the swaroop of Ishvar.

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