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patanjali yoga sutra
Sutra 19

sutra 19 Bhavpratyayovidehprakritilayaanaam

Bhav: To be, with
Pratyay: Object of focus
Videh: Bodyless, beyond the body
Prakritilayanaam: Merged with prakriti (creation)

Sage Patanjali now begins listing out the sanskars that need to be completed before the state of virampratyaya.

While keeping the focus on one point (bhava pratyaya), losing the awareness of body, moving beyond the limits of the physical, and merging with prakriti (Creation)

Our body is unreal, it is temporary and forever changing, moving towards destruction. Identifying our self as the body (under the influence of buddhi), we limit our self to the pleasures of the five senses – to me, myself. Sage Patanjali in this sutra, prescribes the sanskar of expanding oneself beyond the body (individual elements and individual consciousness) and being one with the Creation (universal elements and universal consciousness) in totality. This is achieved by maintaining the awareness of the pratyay (object of focus). For example, for a shishya, it is focus on Guru, which takes him/her beyond the body and in union with Creation.

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