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patanjali yoga sutra
Sutra 18

sutra 18 Viraam pratyay abhyas purva sanskaar shesho anya
Viraam pratyay abhyas purva sanskaar shesho anya

Viraam: End
Pratyay: Object of focus
Abhyas: Practice
Sanskaar: There is no English term for the word, it may be understood as certain qualities to be imbibed
Sheshah: Remaining
Anya: Others

In the previous sutra, Patanjali spoke of how guided by the intellect, a being follows logic, thought, bliss or ego. In this sutra, he discusses the way forward.

To achieve the state where the intellectual mind is also put to rest, that is, a state where the object of focus dissolves, there are certain other sanskaars that remain to be imbibed. Buddhi or intellect is the biggest impediment on the path of yoga which keeps one engaged in something or the other, and so the state of 'let go' does not come. To be able to let go, Patanjali details certain other sanskaars in the sutras to follow.

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