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patanjali yoga sutra
Sutra 17

sutra 17 vichaar anand asmita anugamaat sampragyaat
Vitark vichaar anand asmita anugamaat sampragyaat

Vitark: Logic/reason
Vichar: Thought
Anand: Bliss
Asmita: Ego
Anugamat: The three gunas of sattva, rajas and tamas which constitute physical Creation (prakriti)
Sampragyat: With the intellect

Sage Patanjali now mentions the biggest impediment on the path of Yoga, the intellect.

Guided by the intellect, a being follows logic/reason, thoughts, bliss or ego…all of which are limited, unreal. In Yoga, there is nothing to understand or learn or think or feel. For the experience of Yoga, mind has to be stilled. Mind is limited, Divine is unlimited. Unlimited cannot be experienced using the limited. So till the time you are analysing or thinking or feeling, till the time you (which is ego) exist, till that time it is the intellect at play. You are like a salt doll sitting beside the ocean, fathoming its depth and temperature and what it would be like to merge with it. When the ego dissolves, just like the salt dissolves in ocean, experience of Divine becomes real.

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