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patanjali yoga sutra
Sutra 15

sutra 15 Drishtanushravik vishaya vitrishnasya vashikaar sangya vairagyam
Drishtanushravik vishaya vitrishnasya vashikaar sangya vairagyam

Drishta: Seen
Anushravik: Heard
Vishaya: Subject
Vitrishnasya: Lose interest in, free from desire
Vashikaar: Controlled
Sangya: State
Vairagyam: Detachment

Having described Abhyaas as the first tool to achieve Yoga, Sage Patanjali delves on the second tool - Vairagya (detachment), and defines it as that controlled state where one is free from the desire of what is seen or heard.

Detachment is not running away from your desires/attachments but evolving to a state that they do not have an effect on you. It does not also mean living in isolation or suppression of the senses, but a state where whether something is there or not, it does not have an effect on you.

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