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patanjali yoga sutra
Sutra 12

sutra 12 Abhyas vairaagyabhyam tannirodhah
Abhyas vairaagyabhyam tannirodhah

Having detailed the modifications of the mind, blocking of which is yoga, Rishi Patanjali describes the process to block the vrittis (modifications), which is abhyas (practice) and vairagya (detachment).

Yoga is not about watching bearded men perform antics on television, or reading books or listening to discourses or talking big in front of crowds, yoga calls for constant practice and detachment under the sanidhya of Guru, only then the experience follows. Till the time you practice what is asked of you, till the time you actually walk the path shown by the Guru, till the time you exhibit vairagya, reading these sutras will remain a bookish exercise

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