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Sutra 11

sutra 11 Anubhuta vishayasampramoshah smritih
Anubhuta vishayasampramoshah smritih

Anubhuta: Experienced
Vishaya: Subject
Asampramoshah: Non-concealment/Emergence
Smritih: Memory

Translation: Rishi Patanjali describes 'smriti' as the modification of mind where memories of past experiences do not fade away.

All through the day, we meet people, visit places and come in contact with a plethora of situations and objects...we have been doing this for many lifetimes now. All these experiences create ripples in the mind as memories and reminiscences, keeping it engaged in the unreal and keeping us away from the real. These ripples of memories in the chitta are termed as smriti by Rishi Patanjali.

It is memory which unites us with people or events. It connects us to everything we consider our own. Think about it, if the memory of everything you have known keeps getting erased from your storehouse, would you be affected by anything around? You will not be able to relate to anything, anyone. This memory is the result of our everlasting desires, which we are unable to let go of. It resides in every cell of our being. Yoga teaches one to stay in the present moment, where no memory (past or future) stimulates the brain. Remember, whatever is going to happen has happened already. Our memories age us, yogis are able to sustain thoughts and arrest ageing. Keep no memories.

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