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Dhyan Foundation Delhi Sanatan Kriya workshop at Police Academy, Nazafgarh
Sanatan Kriya workshop at Police training centre,Zharoda kala, Nazafgarh on May 23, 2015.
Dhyan Foundation Delhi Sanatan Kriya workshop at DPS, R K Puram
Sanatan Kriya workshop at DPS, R K Puram:
On May 11, a Sanatan Kriya workshop was held for class XI students of DPS, R K Puram. Nearly 300 science and humanities students attended.The teachers alerted the volunteers about the fidgety nature of the students and wondered if the students would be able to sit and do the kriya without moving...Read More
Dhyan Foundation Mumbai yoga guru yogi Ashwini in mumbai
Mumbai Magic : I grew up listening to stories of gods and goddesses, energies that run this creation, but never really thought they were more than stories...till I met Yogi Ashwini.....Read More
Dhyan Foundation diwali celebrations at anand vidyalaya
Diwali Celebrations at Anand Vidyalaya : Diwali, the festival of Lights was celebrated with fun and festivity in all our Anand Vidyalaya (AV) centres with full gusto and enthusiasm. A plethora of activities were organized across various centres...Read More
Dhyan Foundation govardhana goseva kendram gaushala save a cow dhyan foundation
Dhyan Foundation now supports Govardhana Goseva Kendram Gaushala, Sanathana Samskruthi Foundation, Vinayaka Building, Badamalika road, Mannarkkad, Palakkad, Kochi. To know more
Dhyan Foundation Delhi holy cow save a cow dhyan foundation
Delhi, 9-20 Sept, 2014: Cow is the fountainhead of all bounties (Atharvaved 11.1.34). Dhyan Foundation volunteers raised awareness about this magical creature @ Holy Cow Festival.
Dhyan Foundation Ludhiana anand vidyalaya independence day ludhiana child education
Ludhiana, 15 Aug, 2014:"Freedom to me is...free like a wind," expressed the 13-year-old Jai Karan at the school cultural event @Independence Day Celebrations, Anand Vidyalaya
Dhyan Foundation HAM help a monkey vrindhavan Dhyan Foundation's Help a Monkey (HAM) gets busy at Himachal & Vrindavan
Our volunteers have been actively involved in this fight to help the closest relatives of man, find home and food. We have started the drive with the twin areas of Himachal Pradesh and Vrindavan and intend to grow with your support.....Read More
Dhyan Foundation Bangalore yoga guru yogi Ashwini bangalore benedictions
Bangalore Benedictions
This July, saw the city of Bangalore blessed with yet another enthralling, action-packed visit from Dhyan Foundation's Guiding Light Yogi Ashwiniji. The minute Yogiji landed, he was thronged by the media and spiritual aspirants alike. In an interesting discussion on TV9 on 'commercialization and criminalization of spirituality', Yogiji emphasized that Yoga cannot be bought or sold; ....Read More
Dhyan Foundation Hyderabad yoga guru yogi Ashwini thoughts of the adept hyderabad
The City of Nizams experience the real power of yog with the Living Master, Yogi Ashwini
The city of Nizams was in for a wonderful surprise, as the Living Master, Yogi Ashwini visited Hyderabad to talk about his new book, 'Thoughts of the Adept-1'. As Yogi Ashwini will not be giving any more sermons, all his sermons (teachings, as David Frawley, American Institute of Vedic Sciences, chooses to call them) have been condensed in the book, for all to read and assimilate... ....Read More
Dhyan Foundation shivratri havan yagya experience shiv
Shivratri: The night to experience poornata
The night of Shivratri is a night of birth. It is a night of merger, a night of creation, a night of manifestation, a night to experience poornata and experience Shiv tattva. The word Shiv consists of shav, which means 'a dead body' and I, which is shakti - the force which runs creation....Read More
Dhyan Foundation Hyderabad self healing workshop sanatan kriya wipro hyderabad
Sanatan Kriya Workshop at Wipro, Hyderabad
Dhyan Foundation conducted a Sanatan Kriya workshop on the 23rd of January for 50 employees of Wipro at Hyderabad. Held at the Manikonda Center, the workshop took the participants through an authentic experience of the amazing world of yog. They were taught the correct way of breathing, helping them relax and de-stress and were taken through the steps of Sanatan Kriya. A short dhyan later, the members left not only de-stressed and calm but with the request for many more such sessions.
Dhyan Foundation yoga guru yogi Ashwini chennai bengaluru
Chennai to Bengaluru: A Journey to Phenomenal Experiences!
Yoga is a science; a union with one self. It is not a ritual or lifestyle but about nature and interacting with the creation. "The universe is full of different energies and one needs to learn to access these energies and realize the power within oneself which is possible only when one walks the path of yog under the sanidhya of a Guru," said Yogi Ashwini....Read More
Dhyan Foundation Kolkata yoga guru yogi Ashwini kolkata
'Khoob Bhaalo' Kolkata!
Youth is not measured by your age, and an increasing age does not necessarily mean ageing. Nandini Ghose, a student of Yogi Ashwini, at 57...Read More
Dhyan Foundation Delhi cleansing workshop dhyan foundation
Cleansing Workshop
Day-to-day activities of a modern man cause heat to be produced in the body. This also includes the fundamental process of respiration which is....Read More
Vedic Mantra Chanting
Vedic Mantra Chanting Workshop by Yogi Ashwini
Held on 8th September at Aurobindo Ashram, the two-hour workshop on Vedic mantra chanting saw a 100 people in attendance. The session began with Guru Vandana, followed by the introduction of the Shri Maha Mrityunjay Mantra chant by the volunteers; the significance of....Read More
Dhyan Foundation Delhi self healing workshop sanatan kriya delhi
Sanatan Kriya Workshop for beginners-Vasant Vihar
The Sanatan Kriya workshop held at Vasant Vihar on 11th August, saw a large gathering of people from all walks of...Read More
Sanatan Kriya self healing workshop sanatan kriya delhi
Sanatan Kriya: Self healing to a healthier life
A two-hour workshop on Sanatan Kriya was organised for beginners at Sangeet Shyamala, Vasant Vihar on July 21st, 2013. The workshop unfolded to the participants the true meaning ....Read More
Sanatan Kriya
Green Wood, Gurgaon residents experience Sanatan Kriya
The two-hour workshop on Sanatan Kriya organized at Green Woods Society in Sector 44, Gurgaon on 12th May'13 saw 25 residents in attendance. The participants were given an introduction on Sanatan Kriya, and told about the eight-fold path of Yoga that needs to be practiced with a Guru in totality and not partially. The workshop walked them through the different steps responsible for a balanced body, starting with the simple exercise of breath count, which also concluded the session, only with a vast difference in the count. The two hours saw the participants feel their chakral points and pranic layers with the help of their palms, and experience different sensations of heat, vibration, magnetic force, etc. They also learnt ujjai breathing and the entire kriya. The session's conclusion saw absolute calmness all around, with many sharing their experiences felt during dhyan, from feeling absolutely light to many seeing a golden and violet light. The breath count in the end found the count drop for many, and it was clarified that Yog doesn't claim to cure any disease but ensures a balanced body. Importance of charity and service was also conveyed.
Yogi Ashwini yoga guru yogi Ashwini birthday havan langar anand vidyalaya
Sir's Birthday
April 2nd, was an auspicious day, as Dhyan Foundation volunteers celebrated the birthday of their Guiding light and Guru, Yogi Ashwini. Volunteers across the country in cities of Delhi & NCR, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata and Ludhiana venerated this special day by organizing langars outside hospitals, temples, at an old age home, and for many others, along with feeding cows and dogs, donating towards charitable causes, performing havans and distributing special treats along with cake cutting celebrations for the kids at many AVs . Infact on this auspicious day, AV Gurgaon announced the addition of one more class i.e. class 2!
Dhyan Foundation Hyderabad self healing workshop sanatan kriya hyderabad
Self Healing workshop in Hyderabad
Dhyan Foundation conducted a free spiritual healing session in times of india office,banjara hills,hyderabad.this session was attended by over 30 people who were taught the art of self healing through Sanatan kriya as formulated by Yogi Ashwini on the principles of Ashtang Yog. You may join us at Times of India office, every saturday, at 9.30am for sanatan kriya self healing sessions in hyderabad.
Dhyan Foundation Dehradun blanket distribution charity dhyan foundation
Doon valley fights the cold
Dhyan Foundation, Dehradun carried out a blanket distribution drive to comfort and cushion the winter struck street dwellers in and around the valley.
Spiritual Healing spiritual healing workshop sanatan kriya mumbai
Healing mantras for Mumbaikars
A spiritual healing workshop was conducted by Dhyan Foundation at Haveli, Mumbai on 23rd Feb, 2013. The workshop started off with an introduction on Sanatan Kriya and the significance of different steps involved in bringing about balance in a body where diseases cease to enter. The two-and-a-half hour workshop which also walked its participants through the basics of healing and taught them spine and back strengthening asans, left everyone enthralled. The first hand-experience of the subtler energies, left even the most learned and scientific minds, including doctors, to accept the power and efficacy of the science of yoga.
Dhyan Foundation Bangalore yoga guru yogi Ashwini bangalore anti ageing aging
An Anti-ageing Retreat for Bangaloreans
Bangalore was in for a delight with not only a retreat on anti-ageing but also blessed with an opportunity to meet with Yogi Ashwini. What followed were two momentous...Read More
Vedic Havan vedic havan Temple of Jatala Sadhu
A Vedic Havan
With Guru's grace, a vedic havan was conducted in the premises of the Temple of Jatala Sadhu (bhakt of Gayatri Mata), near Miyapur area, Hyderabad. Around 25 people who witnessed the havan had some divine experiences and the entire atmosphere turned visibly calm and peaceful.
Dhyan Foundation Books doomsday y yoga guru yogi ashwini goa
Doomsday Y? heads to Goa
Doomsday Y? took a short trip to Goa to enlighten the inhabitants and media alike about why we are headed towards Doomsday and is there a way out.The author...Read More
Dhyan Foundation Delhi Sanatan Kriya workshop at Mother's pride, Dehradun
Special workshop on Sanatan Kriya, Self Healing and Rejuvenation at Panchkula Golf Club, Sector 3, Panchkula on May 24, 2015.
Dhyan Foundation Delhi Sanatan Kriya workshop DPS gurgaon for teachers
Sanatan Kriya workshop organised for teachers of DPS, Gurgaon on May 20, 2015.
Dhyan Foundation Bengaluru Chaitra Gaushala opening save a cow
Chaitra Gaushala : On the auspicious occasion of Yogi Ashwiniji's birthday Bangalore Centre started a new gaushala, Chaitra Gaushala. Located 130kms away from the city of Bangalore, in mandya district it is already home to 10 cattles.
Dhyan Foundation Kochi yoga guru yogi Ashwini in kochi anti aging
Kochi :Kochi discovers the Fountain of Youth : Look at the mirror and compare your face with what you used to look ten years back. Based on your finds, project how you would look ten years from now...Does the thought bother you?....Read More
Dhyan Foundation Delhi yoga guru yogi Ashwini spiritual healing New Delhi, 1st November, 2014 : Special spiritual healing session was conducted by Yogi Ashwini personally, where all present got first-hand experience of the Science of Colours by the Living Master himself.Read More
Dhyan Foundation Delhi dhyan foundation spine and back workshop new delhi Delhi, 26 Sept, 2014 : A straight back ensures free movement of energy in the body @Spine and Back Workshop,Delhi University (South Campus)
Dhyan Foundation Mumbai dhyan foundation spine and back workshop mumbai Mumbai, 20 Sept, 2014: Teachers and parents sharpen their second brain, the spine, to help improve reflexes @ Spine and Back Workshop, Saraswati Mandir School.
Dhyan Foundation ganesh chathurthi yagyas havan All centres, 29 Aug, 2014: "The complete form of Lord Ganpati manifested in the havan kund, it was surreal," Rishab Sahney, ITC Hotels, Delhi @ Simultaneous Ganesh Chaturthi Yagyas, Worldwide.
Dhyan Foundation janamasthami world wide yagya havan
World-wide Yagyas on Janmashtami by Dhyan Foundation Volunteers, Aug 17, 2014
Janmashtmi falls on the eighth day of the dark phase of the month of Bhadrapad. The day holds special significance for a spiritual practitioner as on this day it is the easiest to access the energy of Lord Krishna for anyone who is following the path shown by him through a yagya performed under the sanidhya of Guru. It is a potent day when the effect of practices like Sanatan Kriya and Ashtang Yog becomes manifold and thoughts manifest faster. Dhyan Ashram volunteers worldwide performed vedic yagyas to invoke the blessings of the devs and devis ....
To know more.
Dhyan Foundation guru purnima yagya mantra sadhna shishya sanidhya
The Night of Guru Poornima
Guru Purnima holds the highest place in yogic philosophy, for this is the day when the Guru's force is in full bloom and can be accessed by anyone who has the desire. Yagya and mantra sadhna performed on this night under the sanidhya of Guru, bestows the practitioner with boons equivalent to many years of sadhna put together, in just one night. ....Read More
Dhyan Foundation holi  more than colors
Holi: More than just colours..
As children growing up, and even as adults for most of us Holi is a festive occasion, which gives people absolute freedom for a few days, to spray water or throw water balloons at each other, spray paint ourselves with unimaginable colours and other horrible items, gorge hungrily on the delicious eateries, and intoxicate ourselves. ....Read More
Dhyan Foundation yoga guru yogi Ashwini birthday vanprastha havan langars
Your Birthday is Special
The seventh day of Krishna paksh in the month of chaitra, which fell on march 23rd this year, is a powerful day, the day when Lord Shiv blessed us with the Fountain of Yog in the form of Yogi Ashwini, a day which resonates with his phenomenal force. On this auspicious occasion, in the year of his entering vanprastha ashram, Dhyan Foundation organised havans and langars for people and animals all across the globe.
Dhyan Foundation Hyderabad self healing workshop sanatan kriya hyderabad DPS
Sanatan Kriya at DPS School, Diamond Point, Hyderabad
50 teachers were in attendance as volunteers of Dhyan Foundation practically made them experience the power and efficacy of Sanatan Kriya. An hour later, they left feeling light, calm and relaxed.
Dhyan Foundation blanket distribution charity dhyan foundation
Fighting the Cold
As we enjoy the winter chill in our heated apartments sipping a hot cup of tea/coffee, there are those for whom it is a struggle for survival. If you happen to drive across the empty roads on a winter night, you will find people burning leaves, cardboard and just about anything to somehow get through the night, while the animals not being able to do anything at all but give in to the whims of nature.....Read More
Dhyan Foundation dhyan foundation legend of india bharat nirman
Dhyan Foundation gets 'Legend of India' Award by Bharat Nirman
The many exciting, fun and cause-supporting Diwali melas and exhibitions found Dhyan Foundation in full attendance in Delhi. Dhyan Foundation is an NGO...Read More
Spine and Back Program back and spine asan workshop
You are as young, as straight your back is.
A workshop on asans was organized by Dhyan Foundation on the 22nd of September. Introducing the audience to the foundation, the subject...Read More
Spiritual Healing Program spiritual healing workshop yoga guru yogi Ashwini
Spiritual Healing Workshop for Beginners
On August 18th, a two-hour healing workshop for 100 beginners was conducted by Dhyan Foundation volunteers. After an introduction to the Foundation and to our Guiding Light, Yogi Ashwini,...Read More
Dhyan Foundation Delhi self healing workshop sanatan kriya
Sanatan Kriya for the Kitchen Garden Association- Kamla Nagar
At Kamla Nagar, New Delhi on the 10th of August, around 40 people from the Kitchen Garden Association attended the Sanatan Kriya workshop. The workshop began with an introduction to Dhyan Foundation, laying emphasis on service and charity in yog, followed by an explanation on the difference between 'Yog' and 'Yoga'. Attendees were then asked to do an exercise where they had to count their breath in a minute, and not surprisingly many found themselves with a count ranging from 22-35 approximately. This was followed by Ujjai breathing. Concepts of pranas and koshas, rotations, and functions of chakras were introduced, post which they were made to do the Chakra Santulan Kriya, where they felt sensations of contraction and expansion at the chakras. They were also able to differentiate between energy patterns on higher and lower chakras. Finally the participants did dhyan and many shared seeing colours such as violet, golden and pink during dhyan and feeling light after the session.
Dhyan Foundation Hyderabad yoga guru yogi Ashwini hyderabad
Yogi Ashwini's Hyderabad Visit - The 'Thinking' crowd experiences the original sound.. 'OM'
In the month of June, Yogi Ashwini visited Hyderabad for the launch of his books, 'Sanatan Kriya: The Ageless Dimension', and Telugu translation of 'Sanatan Kriya: The Essence of Yoga'. ...Read More
Dhyan Foundation Ludhiana spiritual healing workshop ludhiana
Healing workshop at Satluj Club, Ludhiana
Friday, 19 April : 'A disease is nothing but a symptom of an imbalance in the body. Unlike most of the modern day medical sciences, which tend to suppress the disease or kill the diseased cells, which is the symptom, spiritual healing transforms the cause of the disease'. Sutlej Club, Ludhiana, reverberated with positive energies as Dhyan Foundation conducted a spiritual healing workshop on the evening of April 19th, introducing both the process of self-healing through Sanatan Kriya and spiritual healing for others to remove such imbalances. The workshop that also got the rapt attention of media left many of its attendees with amazing experience.
Vedic Havan
Holi 2013
In the life of a spiritual aspirant, four nights are of great importance - Maha Shivratri, Holi, Guru Poornima and Diwali. Life, which we call a journey of the spirit, for a yogi requires him to continuously cleanse himself and cause an awakening of higher forces in the self. For those who value the festival but who might not be spiritual seekers, it is certainly a good time for introspection, a time to `burn' the Holika hiding within to ashes, so that truth can reveal itself. For Dhyan Foundation volunteers, Holi is not just a night of Sanatan Kriya and tantra sadhna but also an occasion for them to engage even more towards service and charity. Which is why, in addition to the daily langars, the auspicious day of Holi saw over 4000 people being being fed across the country, which also included construction workers and slum dwellers. Havans were performed donations received. Ludhiana had its own special treat. 28 kids and 6 volunteers celebrated Holi at Drishti School, where they watched an informative movie on the effect of sound, followed by a first time experience of speaking on mikes. Fun and frolic ensued later with somersaults and a cricket match and feast that brought many a smiles to the young faces.
Dhyan Foundation shivratri yagya havan shiv shakti
The word shiv consists of shav, which is a dead body and i, which is shakti - the force which runs creation. This force needs a vehicle or a body to manifest into, so shav becomes shiv and a child is born. The night of shivratri has the power to give birth to your thoughts. It is a night of birth, a night of merger; a night of creation, a night of ...Read More
Sanatan Kriya self healing workshop sanatan kriya delhi
Sanatan way to strike a Balance
Why is it that the tortoise outlives a dog by 100 years? Or an elephant a sparrow? The answer lies in the breath..Read More
Spiritual Healing spiritual healing workshop delhi
Healing with colours
The world of spirit begins where logic ends... Participants of a recent spiritual healing workshop, held in Delhi's Sangeet Shyamla gained first-hand experience of this maxim. ..Read More
Dhyan Foundation Hyderabad self healing workshop sanatan kriya hyderbad cadets jawans
Sanatan Kriya for Cadets and Jawans at Hyderabad
The Parade Grounds at Hyderabad was abuzz as 750 NCC cadets and military jawans participated in the Sanatan Kriya sessions spanning 5 days. Not only did these sessions see full participation but also left many with amazing experiences.
Dhyan Foundation United Kingdom Sanatan Kriya workshop at UK, London
Sanatan Kriya workshop for a senior citizen's group in London, UK on 27th May, 2015.
Dhyan Foundation Dehradun Sanatan Kriya workshop at Mother's pride, Dehradun
Sanatan Kriya workshop for kids of Mother's Pride School, Vasant Vihar, Dehradun on Sunday, May 24, 2015.
Dhyan Foundation Ludhiana Daily Cow Feeding drive in Ludhiana
Daily Cow Feeding drive in Ludhiana
Dhyan Foundation Ludhiana starts feeding the stray cattle enroute Ludhiana to Patiala. 2000kg of greens are distributed daily for these animals who were earlier left to feed on infectious wastes, plastics and toxins from open garbage dumps..#SaveaCow...Read More
Dhyan Foundation Ludhiana yoga guru yogi Ashwini in ludhiana punjab body sculpting
Punjab gears up for body-sculpting: A Sanatan Kriya Body Sculpting workshop was recently held in Ludhiana. The workshop which took the participants through specialised breathing techniques and asanas to enhance efficiency of the body, give it the desired shape and to stall the ageing process through an elevated state of consciousness saw the attendance of many health enthusiasts..Read More
Dhyan Foundation yoga guru yogi Ashwini in jaipur mantra chanting
Jaipur, 7th November, 2014 : Our scriptures speak of the sanjeevani vidya through which dead could be brought back to life. "Gayatri mantra and mahamrityunjai mantra along with certain other mantras were a part of the sanjeevani vidya" revealed the living master Yogi Ashwini..Read More
Dhyan Foundation dhyan foundaion pitra paksh dosha yagya havan
All centres, 23 Sept, 2014 : On the day of sarv pitri Amavasya, sadhaks connected to the dimension of pitris and propitiated their ancestors to avoid pitr dosha @Yagyas
Dhyan Foundation Goa dhyan foundation spine and back workshop goa
Goa, 22 Sept, 2014 : You are as young as straight your spine is, practically experienced by 600 constables & home guards @ Spine and Back Workshop, Goa Police Academy.
Dhyan Foundation Kolkata yoga guru yogi Ashwini kolkata Kolkata, 4-7 Sept, 2014: The city of Kolkata soared high as it was blessed yet again with a visit by the Living Master, Yogi Ashwini in the month of September.Read More
Dhyan Foundation yagya workshop dhyan foundation havan
Yagya Workshop for beginners, Sangeet Shyamala, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, Aug 9,2014
Dhyan Foundation held a special workshop for beginners on how to perform a yagya. Explaining the significance of a vedic yagya, they were then taken through the steps of the yagya, ingredients required, preparation of the samagri, mantras and their uchharan, and other prerequisites for interacting with devs and devis.
To know more.
Dhyan Foundation Hyderabad
Sanatan Kriya Workshop for NCC Cadets and Military Jawans, Hyderabad, 2014
Special session on back and spine asanas was conducted on day 3 of the 9-day Sanatan Kriya Workshop for 400 NCC Cadets and Military Jawans at Parade grounds, Hyderabad. Dhyan Foundation has been conducting these sessions on a regular basis.This is the 5th camp of Dhyan Foundation with the NCC and Military in Hyderabad.
Read here for more information.
Dhyan Foundation self healing workshop sanatan kriya coimbatore
Sanatan Kriya at the Administrative College, Coimbatore, 21-22 April 2014
70 Commanders of the Indian Air Force experienced the power and efficacy of Sanatan Kriya, at a yoga workshop conducted by Dhyan Foundation.
Dhyan Foundation yoga guru yogi Ashwini amaratva anti aging ageing
Break the Age-Cage with World Renowned Yog Guru, Yogi Ashwini
@ Amaratva, The 1st International Conference on Anti-Ageing Is it possible to maintain that youthful look and radiance till your last breath? Are there techniques for eternal beauty and glow? Can you really break away from the shackles of modern science, cosmetic surgeries and lasers to bring back and sustain that youthful glow? ....Read More
Dhyan Foundation self healing workshop sanatan kriya cochin
Sanatan Kriya at Cochin, 16 March 2014
Dhyan Foundation volunteers organized a Sanatan Kriya session for 30 people in Cochin introducing them to yog, basics of the kriya and the very basis of yog, being service and charity. And like with every session, experiences followed for many as they went through the steps of the kriya with a short dhyan. They left asking for more...
Dhyan Foundation makar sankranti langar havan food distribution camp
On the Auspicious Day of Makar Sankranti
Makar Sankranti is associated with the change in the movement of the sun from Dakshinayan to Uttarayan (sun has reached its southernmost point, starts its journey northwards). As per ancient texts this shift signifies a dimensional change. And while it marks the end of winters, it is also a day of gratitude, which is why volunteers of Dhyan Foundation across the country celebrated the day by giving back to creation through service and charity. Vedic havans were conducted at the Dhyan Foundation centres across the country. Volunteers also held langars on a large scale for the needy, along with visits to old age homes and feeding the animals.
Dhyan Foundation Delhi self healing workshop sanatan kriya american express
Sanatan Kriya workshop at American Express
A one and half-hour workshop on Sanatan Kriya was organized by Dhyan Foundation volunteers for employees of American Express on 23rd of October. With...Read More
Vedic Havan ganesh chathurthi LORD havan yagya
Ganesh Chaturthi
'Gan' means guardian and 'esh' means supreme or Lord. Lord Ganesh is the supreme deity, the guardian of the spiritual world and the first energy to grant access to the higher dimensions, ...Read More
Sanatan Kriya
Sanatan Kriya Workshop for NEI
NEI saw in attendance a gathering of people for a two-hour workshop on Sanatan Kriya conducted by Dhyan Foundation volunteers on August 26th. Introducing the Foundation, our Guru, Yogi Ashwini and the basis of Yog being service and charity, the workshop then walked the participants through the basic steps of Sanatan Kriya. A quick breath count exercise was done before the kriya, followed by asking the participants to feel their chakral points and pranic layers with the help of their palms. Many shared feeling heat, vibration, magnetic force, etc. during this exercise. They were then explained and made to do Ujjai breathing and rotations followed by Chakra Santulan, Paanch Mahapran and a short Dhyan. Absolute calmness ensued after the session. They were again made to count their breath and they found that the breath count in a minute had gone down.
Yogi Ashwini guru purnima havan yagya sadhak shiv shakti langars
Om Shri Guruvaye Namah!
Guru Purnima holds the highest place in vedic philosophy, for it is the day when the Guru's force is at full bloom and is very easily accessible. Just like on a full moon the moon's magnetism is at its height; similarly on Guru Purnima a Guru's glow is at its height. Merely being in your Guru's presence can have amazing effects on your evolution and give phenomenal experiences on the inner world. All you have to do is close your eyes and connect with the energy form. Hence it is a day that holds special significance for a sadhak. To commemorate this auspicious day, Dhyan Ashram volunteers organised simultaneous vedic havans world over, invoking Shiv-Shakti to save cows for preventing natural calamities. Havans were conducted across the country in the cities of New Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Dehradun, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa, Chandigarh and Pune; and worldwide in US, Germany and UK. Langars were also organized by the volunteers through the country.
Dhyan Foundation Delhi self healing workshop sanatan kriya noida DPS
Sanatan Kriya Workshop for faculty at DPS Noida
Dhyan Foundation was recently invited by DPS Noida to conduct a Sanatan Kriya workshop for its faculty. A three day workshop from the 22nd-24th May saw an attendance of...Read More
Dhyan Foundation Kolkata self healing workshop sanatan kriya anti aging ageing
Sanatan Kriya, the Way to Anti-Ageing and Self-Healing
Yoga is the ultimate science of being that has been tried and tested for over 16000 years now, its results being perfect and...Read More
Dhyan Foundation Delhi self healing sanatan kriya workshop KR mangalam
Lessons on yog, for school teachers
On March 26, 2013, staff and faculty at KR Mangalam Vikaspuri World School, New Delhi was introduced to the world of prana and colours and how to use them for manifestation of thought with the help of sanatan kriya self-healing techniques. The teachers had asked for this workshop after seeing a phenomenal change in the students, who have been attending regular Sanatan Kriya classes at the school. For enquiries on workshops and classes at schools and institutes.
Dhyan Foundation Publications dhyan foundation world book fair ageless dimension
Dhyan Foundation at the Book Fair
The capital's bloomsbury got a preview of the vedic secrets to health, beauty and youthful radiance to attract not just men, but also gods, as they halted at the Dhyan Foundation stall at the World Book Fair at Pragati Maidan. Among the various titles at display were 'The Ageless Dimension' - a thesis on anti-ageing and the 'Essence of Yoga' - beginners manual to open the doors to the world of ether..
Sanatan Kriya
Sanatan Kriya Workshop at Indirapuram, New Delhi on 24th Feb 2013
The Sanatan Kriya workshop which started off with a brief note on balance as the key to health, beauty, glow and longevity, found many of the participants experience a state of higher balance as reflected in the astounding drop in their breath counts and a general feeling of lightness and peace. Yog does not offer a cure for disease, as per the vedic philosophy, disease is a symptom of an imbalance and as soon as balance is restored, it gets reflected in all spheres of life - health, physical, financial, emotional and mental.
Vedic Havan makar sankranti vedic chants havan yagya
The Auspicious Month of Makar Sankranti.
'What is Makar Sankranti?'
On a cold evening at Dhyan Ashram, on the auspicious day of Makar Sankranti, the ancient secrets were revealed...Read More
Dhyan Foundation Bangalore blanket distributio bangalore service charity dhyan foundation
Blanket Distribution at Bangalore
Dhyan Foundation, Bangalore extended their support to the slums and gaushala by running a blanket distribution in some parts of the city. 400 blankets were received by the slums in Ejipura, Viveknagar and Boomanhalli and a gaushala in Koramangala.
Dhyan Foundation Delhi Personality Development the Yoga Way Noida
Personality Development the Yoga Way
Between business studies, management jargon and gruelling exams, students of NIE, Noida took time out for a special...Read More
Dhyan Foundation Bangalore Bangalore Police takes to Sanatan Kriya
Bangalore Police takes to Sanatan Kriya
Dhyan Foundation,Bangalore started Sanatan Kriya classes for the Bangalore Police recently.The first session introduced the participants to the basics of Sanatan Kriya.Read More
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