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 - Sunday All Centre Discussion for anyone who wants to ask Yogi ji any question on the subject/spiritual journey. For those who cannot come to the venue they can do it from home, an access code will be given. New-Old, all are welcome. To register #9999183378.

 - Shivratri night celebrations at Dhyan Ashram with Yogi Ashwini. A rare opportunity to understand shiv and shakti and open your third eye, Monday, March 4th, 10pm-12midnight IST at Dhyan Ashram, New Delhi.
Pausha Amavasya
Jan 5, 4.57am to Jan 6, 6.58am

Makar Sankranti
Jan 14

Pausha Purnima
Jan 20, 2.19pm to Jan 21, 10.45am

Republic Day
Jan 26
Pls note: all classes and workshops at Dhyan Foundation are conducted in line with the ancient Guru - shishya parampara,no fee is charged for any course.
Visitors Please Note!
Dhyan Foundation does not promise or claim to perform any miracles, healings or demonstrate supernatural powers to the practitioners. Please do not come to us looking for any of these. If you are looking to cure a disease, visit a doctor. If you are looking for financial gains, visit a consultant. If you want to mend relationships, visit a counsellor. Come to us when you are desirous of the journey beyond..
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