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Thousands of cows, bulls & calves left to fend for themselves as the drought hits the state, no fodder, no water, no grazing land, no one to look after them. The mother cows have become dry, calves get no milk. Since October 13, Dhyan Foundation is feeding 250 plus animals daily and the number keeps increasing by the day as more and more locals are coming to drop off their animals our fodder station at Devara Yettina Goodu, Nannivala panchayat, Challakere, Karnataka.


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I want to feed cows for day @ Rs 40 per cow per day.
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Donate for chitradurg
This however is just a drop in the ocean. Lots remains to be done still. Listed below is status report of some spots :

Devara Yettina Goodu, Nannivala panchayat, Challakere taluk, 250 cattle
Status : DF feeding daily since oct 13

Suramanahalli, Mullkamuru taluk 100 cattle<
Status : Fodder required

Muthigarahalli, Mullkamuru taluk, 150 cattle
Status : Fodder required

Gorasamudra, Challakere taluk, 22 cattle
Status : Fodder required

Kampaladevarahatti (chikumti), Malakamuru Taluk, 100 weak cattle
Status : Fodder required

Bedareddyhalli, Challakere taluk, 65 cattle, calves not getting milk
Status : Fodder required

Nalagethanahatti, Makkamurru taluk, 100 cattle
Status : Fodder required in few weeks

Nalajamanahatti, Ramajogihalli panchayat, 100 cattle
Status : Have fodder for 2 months

Bhukambudi, Challakere taluk, 30 cattle
Status : No urgent requirement

There are many more spots and hundreds of more cattle in the region, that we are yet to take stock of. Support us in this noble cause!

For any queries please feel free to contact us on +91-9999567895 or write to us at info@dhyanfoundation.com.

Please Note: It has come to our notice that some fraudulent individuals and organisations are asking for donations in the name of Dhyan Foundation. Kindly note that Dhyan Foundation DOES NOT have any divisions. You are requested to make your donations in the name of Dhyan Foundation at the accounts mentioned above.
Dhyan Foundation will not be responsible for donations made to any other account number other than the ones mentioned herein.

All donations made to Dhyan Foundation are exempted from Tax under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.

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