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What is Dharma?

Religion is nothing more to mankind than a garment is to the body. It is a cover most of us wear more out of sheer choice, knowing deep inside that once the inhibition is shed, there is no difference between one person and another.
The real binding thread though, is what has been expounded at length in the vedic texts as ‘Dharma’. The Rishis were great scientists. Not only did they give the world the gift of Yog but also gave us ready markers and yardsticks to help us measure the extent of evolution/devolution, whichever the case might be.
The subject of Dharma is one such marker, which is constituted of three fundamental principles, and these are:

  1. Protecting the weak and helpless, then be it a plant, an animal or a human being.
  2. No living being in the range of your naked eye should go to sleep on an empty stomach. This includes providing medicines for those who are ill.
  3. The third and by far the hardest to observe is the dharma of Character. Raising your voice and standing up against the wrongs/injustice/exploitation/ill-treatment of any animal, human or environment also constitutes one’s Dharma.

Now measure up your own existence as an individual and as a society on the above 3 parameters and the truth will become very apparent.
Only if each one of us were to abide by these 3 basic principles, there wouldn’t be such unrest and discord in the society. The fact today is that our society is heading towards anarchy, where values and principles will be devoured by greed and selfishness.
Though there is still a way out, an antidote to this poison of greed. After all, one must not forget that the Rishis had seen this coming. The science they gave has zero scope for ambiguity and was tailored to meet any eventuality with complete certainty. The techniques and practices are actually more relevant today and yield 100% results.
It is time we understand Dharma and it is time we get into Yoga.
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