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This is an old experiment we did in 2011. We did many more after this.
Dhyan Foundation Indian Medical assocation Certification
Clairvoyance is an age old science practiced and mastered by our ancients long before we had these modern day equipments and modern science to detect diseases. Clairvoyance is a sense over and above our 5 senses. As per the ancients all of us have the capacity to develop up to 16 senses and Clairvoyance is one such developed sense which some of us have. It is the ability to see the spectrum of colours that exists around every individual in this creation. It is a reflection of the panch tattwas.

As humans what we need to understand is the fact that we are much more than just our physical bodies. Like everything else in creation, for example, the atmosphere, the earth, the animate or the inanimate objects around us, we also exist in layers. Just like we see the physical layer, in the same manner we also exist in other layers like the ethereal, emotional, logical etc which we call the Koshas,which are visible to a clairvoyant.

How it works?
What has to happen in the physical, be it an illness, an accident or any other event, first becomes apparent in our energy body or to say in our outer layers and a clairvoyant sees these signs in the form of specific shades of colours. For example a healthy energy body has a corresponding colour spectrum to it. If a colour grosser or heavier than the normal spectrum is seen in this layer by a clairvoyant it is a sure sign of a disease or a mishap setting in and warns the concerned person accordingly. It's a perfect science with no scope of any ambiguity whatsoever.
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