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If you find an orphaned, injured or sick animal, Call: +91-9999099423 or Email: nirjadhyan@gmail.com
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We own 6 gaushalas, manage another 6 gaushalas independently, support 13 others and are on the managing committee of 3 gaushalas. With volunteers feeding more than 6200 gauvansh daily and also ensuring their comfortable living conditions by providing shelter, coats (in winter), etc.
Name of Gaushala, place. Count of Cattle.
Chaitra Gaushala, Mandya, Karnataka 185
Barodiya Gaushala, Rajasthan 150
Delhi Gaushala 19
Sahyog Gaushala Challur Gaushala, Nalgonda, AP 600
Chennai Gaushala
Narhan, Gorakhpur 110
Quitol Gaushala, Goa 127
Zamaulim Temple Gaushala, Goa 98
Tumkur Gaushala, Karnataka 455
Aanand Gaushala, Kolkata 370
Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab 140
Mansa Gaushala, Punjab 1000
Machiwara, Ludhiana 225
Raghauli Gaushala, Madhubani, Bihar 35
Village Chauka Gaushala, Mahobha, UP 220
Village Gonda Gaushala, Sitapur UP 40
Kapila Gaushala, Charavatoor , Kerala. 40
Janhit Sewa Samhiti’s Gau Sewa Kendra, Patiala,Punjab 150
Navjyoti Gaushala, Balod Bazaar, Chattisgarh. 105
Palakkad Gaushala, Kerala 45
Strays, Ludhiana 125
Mahoba Relief Camp 1000
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save a cow.

Today this revered animal suffers unimaginably at the hands of humans who exploit it incessantly. Cows are butchered mercilessly for their skin, meat and bones. Despite cow slaughter being illegal in most parts of the country, they are being killed mercilessly and brutally - legs chopped off, nails hammered into their skull, necks slowly cut, forcing them to die slow painful deaths.

They are also injected with hormones to increase production of milk. Their calves separated at birth so that the entire milk produced can be sold, without understanding the pain of this all-giving mother. They are left scrounging for food at garbage dumps where they ingest plastic wastes and succumb to a painful death.

What most people do not know is that these gentle bovines, have a very complicated digestive system, and with continued ingestion of plastic over a period of time, it gets trapped in their stomachs forever with no scope for excretion or digestion, therefore getting entangled with different materials inside and turning hard, like cement in their rumens (the first belly of the cow). This is a 'Plastic Cow' and it is sentenced to a slow, gruelling death.

Infact many NGOs have reported that surgeries on such cows that have been brought in on some occasions, have removed over 30-40 kgs of plastic from their bellies in addition to iron mesh, stones, sand etc.

Birth of 'Save a Cow'

Cow is the favourite of Lord Shiv, it is said that whatever one whispers in the ears of a bull is heard by Lord Shiv and service to cow is given the highest place in the Vedas.

On the night of Shivratri (February 2012), two sadhikas on their way to Dhyan Ashram became witness to a hit and run case - the 'hit' was a three month old calf, and 'run' was an SUV driver who hit it; a pandit who was getting late for puja and a few dozen onlookers. Not one, save these two ladies, stopped to aid the calf. The calf was rushed to a reputed care centre that suggested that Nandi be taken to Hisar for an orthopaedic surgery; sadly it was forced out of the hospital even before we could manage to get an appointment with the hospital. Nandi was then brought to Dhyan Ashram Gaushala where after subsequent treatments by a local doctor, it eventually left for a better world. We lost the calf, but not the cause. A pan-India movement was born which brought together people from all walks of life to save and provide for over five thousand of its brothers and sisters. It was a divine intervention.

Ever since then there has been no turning back, as volunteers have tirelessly worked towards saving thousands of these gentle bovines across the country.

What you can do
Adopt Donate Volunteer CSR Animal Laws

The All - Revered Cow

Dhenu sadanam rayeenaam
(Atharvaved 11.1.34)
Cow is fountainhead of all bounties

The above sloka reflects the deep understanding of the creation as possessed by the Vedic seer. A special animal, it's every aspect is a boon to mankind. The Vedic seers called it the mother, the source of nourishment of creation.

This gentle bovine has garnered a considerable amount of interest and reference that go beyond ancient Vedic texts spanning other civilizations like Greece, Mesopotamia and Rome.

The Egyptians worshipped her as Hathor, the Goddess of Fertility, while those from this side of the Indus called her the Kamdhenu (cow of plenty) and Lord Shiva's favourite Nandi. The Greeks knew her as Lo and the Nordics as Audhumbla, the primeval cow who licked ice and brought mankind into existence.

There is a story in the Mahabharata where the great sage Chyawan, in a barter deal with King Nahush, puts his worth as equivalent to a cow – indicating how evolved a being it is. It is an intelligent being and the karmic implications of causing harm to it are severe, likewise the karmic benefits of serving it are also manifold.

You must have also read in your history books that Buddha's name was Gautam. The name Gautama is derived from two words gau (or cow) and uttama (or greatest). Combined, the two words mean the greatest cow or the ultimate cow. The word gau also referred to the white colour of cows; hence Gautama was also the ultimate white light. Even the most sacred spot of the Buddhists is Bodh Gaya. Gaya is simply another word for cow.

Quite contrary to what the current generation considers as mumbo-jumbo, the efficacy of these Vedic principles have infact found acceptability worldwide and through centuries. In the diary of Sir Cunningham kept at the National Archives, he made not only a sketch of a calf and cow on the third page, but also notes on the scientific and logical benefits of preserving this animal.

So, what is it about the cow that caused it to be revered across cultures and also caught the attention of the learned archaeologist?

Various cultures describe the immense benefits of preserving and serving this animal. It is said that if you regularly feed cows and they lick your head then your hidden mental abilities fructify. This was true for the great Saint Kabir, for his poetic abilities manifested only once he was licked by a cow on his head. Massaging a cow ensures a strong and beautiful body with longevity. Doing service to its calf gives you the benefit of healthy relationships in your life. Also, in no culture or religion is eating its meat considered healthy.

Sadly, this all-giving cow today is an animal that is ignored, abused, exploited, abandoned and murdered to feed our selfish motives.


The cow has been called the mother for a reason. Everything it produces is for the benefit of mankind and creation at large. The all-giving cow gives mankind Nourishment (milk and dairy products), Medicines (Panchgavya, cow urine which acts as a natural pesticide), Agriculture (bio- pesticides and manure as a fuel and natural fertilizer) and Energy (biogas). As she walks down our soils, the land gets tilled and free of termites, when we wish to interact with the gods and goddesses; we make use of her ghee and upla to perform a yajna.

Our Work

More than 500 volunteers of Dhyan Foundation are engaged day in and day out, spreading the cause of 'Save a Cow' through our various activities such as:

  • We have saved lakhs of cattle through emergency reliefcamps at Kollegal (Karnataka, 2017), Mahoba (Uttar Pradesh, 2017), Latur (Maharashtra, 2016), Dausa (Rajasthan, 2016 & 2017), Hingonia (Rajasthan, 2016)
  • We conduct free animal welfare workshops and programs in schools and colleges in 10 plus cities
  • We produce and promote Nandi gau-products, hand-made products from cattle wastes to make our gaushalas self sustainable
  • Fodder supply for stray and abandoned cattle
  • We are actively taking care of more than 6000 cows, bulls and calves through 28 gaushalas across the country. Dhyan foundation owns gaushalas in Delhi, Goa, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Chennai, Karnataka.
  • Support gaushalas in Sitapur (UP), Jhansi(UP), Mohaba(UP), Ludhiana(Punjab), Tumkur(Karnataka), Balasore(Odisha), Kochi(Kerala) and Chattisgarh by way of funds, food, construction etc.
  • Rehabilitation and shelter for injured and abandoned cows
  • Emergency services for injured and accident struck animals -24-hour ambulance service. More than 2000 pickups since February 2012 with dedicated follow ups.
  • Sponsor treatment and care for sick animals
  • Reflective Neck Belts' an initiative instrumental in changing the lives of innumerable strays from dying in road mishaps was launched in Ludhiana. Today, this initiative has already begun work in Delhi & NCR, and will soon extend to all the cities including taking it viral through social media inviting all animal lovers to join this initiative for their own neighbourhood strays.
  • Sensitizing people towards the needs of animals and the necessity to protect them by spreading awareness and presenting facts and also organizing visits to the gaushalas for school kids where they get first-hand exposure to this magical being. To visit a gaushala, call (+91 99995 67895​⁠​).
  • In April 2016, rescued about 2000 cattle stranded on hills of Dausa, Karauli, Sawai Madhopur districts in Rajasthan . Villagers & authorities helped our volunteers on ground. Arrangements made for fodder and water tanks for the cattles on daily basis. Shades also provided to save them from extreme heat.
    Volunteers worked day and night to save these precious lives.

If you spot any cow eating garbage on the roads, please click pictures and send us with details of location,date and time at saveacow@dhyanfoundation.com. In case of emergency , reach us at 9999099423. #SaveACow

Dhyan Foundation announces a reward of Rs 300/- to save a monkey in Himachal Pradesh, Rs 300/- to save a dog in Kerala and Rs 500/- to save gauvansh across the country*.
Dhyan Foundation is a member of State (Delhi) Advisory Board for Animal Welfare. Call +919999099423 for any complaints relating to cruelty on animals. Do share with friends and family.

Dhyan Foundation is a member of newly constituted Goa Animal Welfare Board to advise Goa Government on animal welfare in the state.

Upcoming Gaushala:

  • Hyderabad, Telengana
  • Telengana
  • Kishanganj, Bihar

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