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help a monkey

Monkeys in India will soon become an endangered species as deforestation; large housing projects take over their natural habitats - the trees. Because they ask for their share of food and shelter from humans, they are branded as a menace. People loathe them and kill them, authorities are initiating drives for their mass-culling and sterilization, they are run down by rampant traffic, electrocuted by wires and poles, and at times, they just give in to lack of food or severe climate. Is this fair?

Let's not forget every animal, every bird, every tree is a shakti, a shakti which was revered by our ancients in every part of the world for they knew that it is in the well-being of one that the well-being of others lie in, as all of us are connected through the five elements.

Monkey Through Times

Popularly called 'Vanara', in Sanskrit, the monkey holds a special place in the hearts of Indians as the much revered Hanuman, the rudra form of Lord Shiva. The monkey warrior who played an integral role in the epic of Ramayana as the prime bhakt of Lord Ram, who carried the entire mountain of Sanjeevani Buti on his shoulders, the one who attempted to swallow the sun, the one who single-handedly Ravan's Lanka to fire, has found mention in several other texts like Mahabharata and the Puranasand has been revered as God in most cultures across the world.

The Mayans worshipped a monkey god who was a patron of arts, music, scribes and sculptors. In Buddhism, the monkey is seen as a messenger of the gods or a physical manifestation of the gods. Lord Buddha is said to have lived many lives as animals, humans, God, before attaining enlightenment. And in one of his lives according to the Jataka tales, he appears as a wise monkey king, who helped his followers escape from the hunters.They are also an important part of the Chinese zodiacal signs and in some parts of the country this animal is worshipped as the 'Great Sage equal to Heaven’.

However, sadly today this highly worshipped animal has become subject to the cruelty of humans and is probably one amongst the most explored species on the planet. Tortured for their meat and skin, monkeys also suffer indirectly due to some human activities such as deforestation, construction, pollution etc. thereby leading to the destruction of their natural habitats.

Karmic repercussions of such treatments doled out to innocent animals are high – flash floods, droughts, land-slides, disease, desertification, no rains – are just some of the signs...

Our Work

'Help a Monkey' was born as a result of putting an end to this torture. To save this dying race from meeting their sad deathly fates, we have started a feeding drive in the cities of Delhi, Vrindavan, Hyderabad, Tirupati and Mysore.

Vrindavan: Fuelled by the news that not only are monkeys going hungry in the holy city of Vrindavan, but also being caused pain unintentionally by many residents and tourists, Dhyan Foundation volunteers started a daily feeding program, from Aug 5,2014, where in 500-600 monkeys are given fruit and cereal. The feeding point is away from the urban, populated areas, in an open ground where monkeys flock together. We are also in touch with a local NGO to join us in carrying out our operations in Vrindavan so that more and more monkeys are fed. This includes building awareness amidst locals to stop giving food in a scattered manner, but at a specific place and time regularly and taking care of the quality of feed. The simultaneous long term plan is to plant fruiting trees so that monkeys shift to a natural habitat (since most of the forest cover has disappeared), for which we require support from the authorities as well as locals.

Delhi: On October 2, 2014 we extended the HAM program to the city of Delhi, with the Dhyan Foundation van feeding over 700 monkeys in the village of Manger 2.5 km from Dera.

Hyderabad: Started in 2015, monkeys are fed in large numbers at the Shiv Temple, Kesaragutta. Volunteers feed them twice a month where more than 90 monkeys gather at a time waiting for their delightful meal of bananas.

Tirupati: This year (2015) Tirupati started a feeding drive at the Alpiri forest area, where more than 40 monkeys are fed bananas once a month.

Mysore: Around 20 monkeys are being fed once every week with dozens of bananas at the Chamundi Hills, since September, 2015.

What you can do
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  • Set up and maintain feeding spots for monkeys away from the roads
  • Increase forest cover. Plant/sponsor fruit bearing trees for these and other forest dwellers
  • Sponsor their feed, to be placed in the heart of jungles by forest officers - so that they need not come out in the open
  • Be aware, raise your voice, make your government accountable for felling of trees, for loss of biodiversity, for rapid industrialisation and the toll it is taking on our natural resources
  • Conserve, recycle, reuse natural resources
  • To volunteer and support, 09953800690

Dhyan Foundation announces a reward of Rs 300/- to save a monkey in Himachal Pradesh, Rs 300/- to save a dog in Kerala and Rs 500/- to save gauvansh across the country*.
Dhyan Foundation is a member of State (Delhi) Advisory Board for Animal Welfare. Call +919999099423 for any complaints relating to cruelty on animals. Do share with friends and family.

Dhyan Foundation is a member of newly constituted Goa Animal Welfare Board to advise Goa Government on animal welfare in the state.

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