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The various shades of red that nature gives us, in food or metal, affects blood quality,
says Yogi Ashwini of Dhyan Foundation

Rakta or blood, a primary dhatu in the body, is the medium through which prana in its sthoola (manifested) form is transferred to the minutest aspect of the physical body. It is through blood that a disease spreads, but it is also through blood that aushadhies (tonics that boost immunity level) take effect. It is blood which brings a glow to your face and it is blood which gives you that parched look. It is blood which is responsible for various skin problems and the same is responsible for a flawless skin. When blood cannot reach certain areas it causes wrinkles and that aged look.

In a nutshell, impure blood is the root cause of a majority of maladies. Nature offers two solutions for blood disorders — “vardhka” (augmenting) and cleansing. Here, we’ll take up the first process, that of increasing blood production. The colour to look for in nature is obviously red. The various shades of red that nature gives us, be it in food items or metal, each has its own special quality which affects blood quality.

In metals, copper helps in formation of blood, food eaten in copper vessels and water kept in copper utensils both contribute in improving the quality of blood.

In food, beetroot, apple, red grape, red onion, almond, apricot, pomegranate, raisins, figs, dates are all primarily red food or food with a coppery tinge; all these increase the production and quality of blood.

Here is a simple recipe for a tonic to cure blood disorders : “

Purana sarpisha prastho drakshardh prastha sadhitah, kamla gulma pandu varti jvara mehodarapah

” (Charaka Samhita, volume 4, chapter 16, verse 52). One “


” (640 gm) of old cow ghee should be added to half “


” of “


” (munacca or red grapes) and cooked together. This medicated ghee cures anaemia and diseases of the stomach. In Ayurveda, blood disorders are related to Pitta and so expert opinion should be sought.

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