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Ratricharya : Call it a night

Ratricharya : Call it a night - Column By Arti Gaur, Published in India Empire

Ratricharya means the regimen to be followed after sunset till morning. Night is meant for rest by nature for human beings and certain other species like birds etc. This is the time when heavier energies are more active. Therefore, "Sandhya " in the evening, when the sun has just set, is a time one needs to be careful and alert.

Our ancients observed a tradition of offering prayers, lighting lamps, ringing bells as is done in temples at this time of the day also. That's because the heavier or negative energies are at their peak at this time, therefore connecting oneself with the divine at this specific time has been emphasised upon to ward off negative energies.

Adequate sleep increases the power of digestion,
removes fatigue and restores equilibrium in the body.

After finishing the day's work, one should try to empty the bowels in the evening also. Basic hygiene like washing hands, feet, face and mouth should be observed. The ideal time for evening meal is between 7-9 PM. As night is the time for rest, heavy activities should be avoided at night. A gentle walk is beautiful after the meal as it is relaxing and one tends to feel light and mentally relaxed also when going to bed. People who develop the habit of keeping awake till late hours are observed to have developed digestive problems like acidity, indigestion, constipation, etc. It's because keeping awake at nights disturbs and aggravates the vata.

Many students study till late hours in the night. The ideal time for studies is early in the morning as it is at this time that the energies are also conducive for mental development and aids memory retention. Infants and younger children need more hours of sleep so they should be put to bed early.

One should try to fix definite timings for taking meals, going to sleep, and other relevant acts. This is termed as kriya kaal . Any deviation from this kriya kaal causes imbalance in the body resulting in disease. One who habitually goes to bed late in the night develops sleeping disorders like insomnia.

The use of a comfortable bed is recommended for all to provide utmost relief and rest. As said earlier, night is meant for complete rest as sleep causes all-round improvement of the body organs to allow replenishment and other anabolic activities. Adequate amount of sleep also increases the power of digestion, removes fatigue and restores natural equilibrium to the functioning of doshas, dhatus, and various systems in the body.

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