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Prakriti - Natural Concept of Health

Prakriti - Natural Concept of Health - Column By Arti Gaur, Published in India Empire

Ayurved prescribes diets and regimens according to the moolprakrti (basic constitution) of a person. As each individual is different from the other the moolprakriti is ascertained first. The prakriti of the foetus, the first form a being takes is determined by the following factors.

  • Sperm and ova (constitution of the parent)
  • Season and time of conception and the condition of the uterus
  • Diets and regime of the mother
  • Nature of the mahabhootas comprising the foetus. Dominant prakriti because of the factors

The physical constitution is determined on the basis of the doshas that were dominant at the time of conception. Therefore, either vata, pitta, or kapha or a combination of two doshas dominate an individual. In rare cases, however, samprakriti (equilibrium of doshas) is also seen. When all the three doshas are aggravated, conception does not take place.

The characteristics of doshas tell about the nature of the person.

Kaphaj or sleshmic constitution: As kapha is heavy, slimy, unctuous, sweet, firm, slow, stable dense, cold, viscous and clear, the manifestation in the body result in unctuousness and smoothness of organs and skin, pleasing appearance, glowing face, clarity of complexion, firmness, compactness and strength in the body, heavy hair, stability in physical as well as action, lack of intensity in hunger, thirst, heat and respiration, firmness and compactness in joints, happy outlook, softness in voice, large quantity of semen and number of procreation. By virtue of sleshmic constitution person is endowed with excellence of strength, wealth, knowledge, energy, peace, and longevity.

Paittik constitution: Hot, sharp, liquid, fleshy, smell, sour and pungent qualities of pitta manifest as intolerance for hot things, having a hot face, tender and clear body, freckles, black moles, excessive hunger and thirst, quick advent of wrinkles and greying of hair, thinness in hair also soft and brown hair, sharp demonstration of physical strength, strong digestive power, intake of food and drink in large quantities, inability to face difficult situations, gluttony, looseness and softness of joints and muscles, voiding of excreta and sweat in large quantities, pungent smell in sweat from mouth and body in excesses, insufficiency of semen and sexual desire. These qualities endow a person with moderate strength, span of life, spiritual and material knowledge, wealth and accessories in life.

Vattaj constitution: Vata being cold, rough, light, mobile, swift and non-slimy manifests as roughness, emaciation, dwarfness of body, dry, low, broken, hoarse voice, habit of keeping awake, light and consistent gait, action, food and movement, unstable joints, eyes brown, jaws, lips, tongues, head shoulders and legs. Talkativeness, quick action, irritability, quick in afflictions with fear, likes and dislikes, intolerance for cold things, frequent afflictions with cold, stiffness, roughness of hair, head, skin, nails and teeth, cracking of limbs, joints. These individuals possess wealth, span of life, strength, procreation, and accessories in lesser quantities.

When a person is examined the morbid manifestation of doshas and dhatus are examined with reference to strength of doshas and dhatus. Sara or excellence of dhatus also, determines character of the person.

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