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Agni accelerates destructive process if a person leads fast-paced life
and body begins ageing soon, says Yogi Ashwini Ji

body should be kept healthy by keeping the bowel (colon) and breath (the lung) moving.

An age-old recipe for rejuvenating the lungs is to take seven pippalis (long peppers) two tbsp cow’s ghee and a tbsp honey and grind to a fine paste in a mortar and pestle. This preparation can be taken with warm water or milk and continued for a year.

It is Ayurved defines the body (sharir) as shriyate iti shariram, which means something that is gradually decaying or ageing. The body through the process of metabolism utilises oxygen to produce energy for performing daily functions. Oxygen’s task is combustion i.e. burning. The cell utilizes this oxygen to burn and regenerate to produce two more.

Each new cell produced is weaker than the previous one. This process is understood as ageing. The important thing to understand is that faster the metabolism faster is the ageing. Normally the agni (digestive fire) which synthesizes the nutrients and growth of cells in young age, accelerate the destructive process if a person leads a fast-paced life and the body starts showing signs of ageing at an early stage. If this process of destructive/fast regeneration is contained and the body learns to utilize energy at an optimal level the person leads a long and healthy life.

Yogic kriyas and intake of “rasa”, the nourishing fluid, in adequate measures provides sufficient prana to energy cells and the body so that the process of decay is reduced drastically. Ayurveda practitioners advice that the always recommended to be properly evaluated before resorting to Ayurvedic diets or regimens.

Garlic rejuvenates the respiratory organs, strengthening the functions of the heart and lowering blood pressure. Boil 3-4 garlic cloves in one cup milk and add ¼ cup water and let it simmer for a few minutes, filter and drink before retiring for the day. People with high pitta can use green garlic (young whole plant) instead.

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