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How to Reduce Excess Body Weight?

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In this series Yogi Ashwini will highlight remedies for specific dosha imbalances
which result in an increase in body fat, obesity and excess weight

It is vital for the tridoshas (vata, pitta, kapha) to be in balance and in harmony with the elemental composition of the body. Physical abnormalities begin to manifest when one dosha gets imbalanced. In this series of articles we highlight remedies for specific dosha imbalances which result in an increase in body fat, obesity and excess weight. In ayurveda, fat means excess kapha and its imbalance causes obesity. There are many factors which can cause this. As kapha is heavy, cold and sticky in nature, it requires a lot of heat to expel the ama which collects and gets deposited in the system which we see as fat. For a kapha predominant person, sleeping during the day is prohibited, as this aggravates kapha in the body. He/she should try and wake up at least an hour before sunrise.

A diet which is light and nourishing is best for effecting fat loss. It is important to scrape away collected ama from the system first and for that purpose triphala can be taken. Herbs and spices which are as digestion catalysts, carminative and hot should be added to the regular diet so that agni is strengthened and food is properly digested. Some examples are freshly grounded black pepper, cayenne pepper (lal mirch) and dry ginger. People with pitta prakriti can have fennel as this does not disturb pitta. Honey with its special mucous removing properties is also effective Adding honey to your morning tea and lime juice aids in fat loss. It is important to note here that honey which is at least a year old is far more effective than fresh honey as its properties change over time. Also, honey should never be heated; in all ayurvedic preparations honey is added only after cooling the preparations as toxins develop when honey is heated. Intake of honey in the morning, added to a glass of tepid water and lime juice is very effective. Honey also acts as a laxative and can be had after meals.

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