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Excellence of Dhatus

Excellence of Dhatus - Column By Arti Gaur, Published in India Empire

In the last issue we learnt how each individual is different from the other and how his moolprakriti is ascertained keeping in mind the doshas. Now lets looks at the dhatus where Sara means excellence of dhatus. Dhatus are seven, rasa (chyle), rakta (blood), mansa (muscle), meda (fat), asthi (bone), majja (marrow) and sukra (semen), but in this context they are classified into eight categories. Tvak literally in Sanskrit means skin but here stands for rasa dhatu as it promotes excellence of skin. Sattva is taken into account for mental faculties.

Tvak Sara: excellence of rasa dhatu. Excellence of skin can be characterized by unctuousness, softness, smoothness, clarity of complexion, glow, fine, deep rooted, soft lustrous hair. These are signs of good health, intellect, happiness, good fortune and longevity.

Rakta Sara: people endowed with excellence of blood are generally observed to have beautiful reddish glow, well formed features, glowing skin,beautiful appearance of ears,eyes, nose, face, soles of the feet, nails, forehead and lips. The body generally remains hot, has moderately good strength, great genius, enthusiasm, excitement, and tenderness in organs and skin and cannot handle difficult situations.

Mansa Sara: these people are physically very strong, stable, heavy in build, have a pleasing appearance, having well formed bodies, with plump face, neck, shoulders, abdomen, chest, upper and lower limbs. They are endowed with power, health, happiness, inner strength, charitable nature and simple lifestyle.

Medah Sara: these people have excellent and abundant hair on the head, unctuous skin and beautiful complexion, unctuousness in body, joints, nails, lips, urine and faeces and enjoy power, have delicate habits, wealth and pleasing disposition.

Asthi Sara: they have robust head, joints, bones, ankles, heels, nails and teeth. They are always enthusiastic, active, have firm and strong bodies.

Majja Sara: excellence of marrow ensures softness of organs, strength, good complexion, and ability to fight diseases, pleasant voice, long, robust and rounded joints. These people enjoy health, longevity, progeny, honor and wealth.

Sukra Sara: these people have gentle features, beautiful milky eyes, beautiful, even milky white teeth, beautiful, clean and unctuous complexion and voice, dazzling appearance. They are very attractive, strong and healthy; enjoy progeny, wealth power and status.

Sattva Sara: people who are blessed with excellence of mental faculties are characterized by skill, courage, excellent memory, devotion, charity, valor in fighting, fearlessness, sincerity in all actions, and depth of wisdom.

A person is to be examined according to compactness of the body, a compact body is characterized by symmetrical well knit joints, and well bound muscles and excellence of blood. Though there are various other factors besides sara and compactness, they would be too complicated to understand just by reading.

As said earlier also these dhatus can be nourished by consuming foods of similar nature, so wherever the weakness is replenishment with similar diet can be followed as a general prescription.

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