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Dincharya : Do It Each Day - by Arti Gaur
Ayurved describes dincharya as the daily routine to be followed from sunrise till sunset. Early morning or Brahm Muhurat is the time prescribed for waking up. A little before sunrise, it is the time when almost all the animals, birds and newly born infants rise from sleep as they adhere to the principles of nature and are not influenced by modern ways of life.

For spiritual aspirants it is the most beneficial time in the day for their practices but people who are generally in the practice of waking up early exhibit the benefits reaped by virtue of these practices. They are generally seen to have glowing face and stronger healthy bodies but only those who do not nullify the effect by drinking tea or coffee as the effect is highly injurious to health of everyone.

Drinking fresh water is most beneficial in morning and efficacy of he practice further increases if it taken through the nose as it cleanses the upper airways, activates the brain, improves eye sight and also retards premature greying of hair. For this nasal passage should first be cleared off. People suffering from pulmonary disease or cold can take lukewarm water. One needs to lie down for 10 - 15 min after this. After this bowels should be emptied. Yogic kriyas and gentle relaxing walk in fresh morning air are highly beneficial in this time of the day.

Natural products like neem datum (green twig of neem tree) are a better substitute for cleaning teeth which is the next step. After walk and asanas massaging the body with sesame or mustard oil is very useful when sun starts rising higher. After the massage again a 15-20 min rest is prescribed, to be followed by bath. In summer cold water, winters warm (not hot) – not on head neither cold nor hot. In earlier times sesame oil or ghee used to be applied in the ears, navel and nostrils and hair, after bath. Oil in ears and nostrils saves the damage from dust and pollution. Oil on the navel helps the stomach and internal organs from the effect of vata . Oil is also a tonic for hair and brain. After bath the spiritual practices or prayers are performed.

Ayurved prescribes proper meals twice a day, in the mornings before twelve and in the evening around seven. But diets are taken according to the kind of activities a person is into. For people who are into heavy physical labours even three proper meals can be taken. When the stomach is light and previous meal is digested otherwise it may cause indigestion, acidity and other digestive disorders. Also one should eat only when one is hungry as the digestive enzymes are released only then and digestive system functions properly.

Diets are classified according to seasons and time of the day. One should take small amount of water along with the meal to make the food easily digestible. In fact 1/3 part of one’s meals should comprises of solid, 1/3 liquid and 1/3 should be left for vata to do its function properly. Teeth should once again be cleansed after meals and heavy activity should be avoided for about 50 minutes after having food.

One should avoid afternoon nap as it aggravates kapha. Afternoon nap is prescribed only in summers as pitta is increased and kapha balances the aggravated pitta.

After finishing the days work one should try to defecate in the evening too. In summers evening bath is also good. A gentle walk is beneficial after the evening meal.

One should always clean the mouth and wash hands and feet before retiring to bed as it induces sleep. Massaging the feet with oil at night helps one relax and go off to sleep very easily and is a good practice for people suffering from insomnia. A gap of two hours between the evening meal and bed time keeps the stomach light and aids in a relaxed sleep. One should try and retire for the day between 9-10 pm as keeping awake till late in the night aggravates vata. It is observed that those who go to bed very late in the night generally suffer from constipation as vata gets aggravated due to keeping awake till late. Seven hours of sleep is good enough to maintain a healthy balance in the body.
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