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Including ginger in regular diet will ensure proper digestion of food
as it has several medicinal values, says Yogi Ashwini

The primary cause of excess weight and obesity is an imbalance (surplus) of Kapha in the body. There are natural tonics which aid in the reduction of Kapha and therefore aid in loss of excess fat. When food in the stomach is not properly digested then it produces ama (toxins) and excessive Kapha. Ayurveda prescribes certain tonics called Deepan, which ignite the digestive fire. A word of caution here - Deepan aggravates Pitta and should not be ingested by people of high Pitta prakriti. (Pitta predominant) An effective Deepan is ginger which also has many medicinal properties. Including ginger in your regular diet will ensure proper digestion of food. A small piece of fresh ginger, along with black salt and lemon juice can be chewed just before meals like a chewing gum to ignite the pachak agni (digestive fire). Ginger tea can also be taken during the day; it is effective in clearing mucous and is also a carminative. When fresh ginger is not available dried powder can be used. You can also make herbal tea of fennel. Fennel can also be boiled which as a rule is not done with the majority of other herbs. (Fennel is an exception to the rule). This tea can be taken throughout the day. Roasted fennel can be chewed after meals. A unique quality of fennel is that it does not aggravate Pitta making it safe for Pitta predominant people. Cumin seeds, which are technically fruits but are universally called seeds , can be chewed after meals along with fennel. Chewing cumin acts as a Deepan and also keeps the teeth clean.

Cold water should never be had with meals by Vata and Kapha predominant people. Pitta predominant people may have it but not in excess quantities. Cold water extinguishes the digestive fire and can hinder the natural digestion process of the body. As a rule while using Deepans drink only warm water. In fact warm water should be taken by everyone as a practice after meals as it ensures a strong digestive system.

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