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Arti Gaur

Arti Gaur is an expert in Ayurveda with training from Baidyanath Research Instituteand in finer aspects of Yoga and Ayurveda from Dhyan Foundation. She is the chief ayurvedic consultant with Dhyan Foundation, studied english literature from Delhi University and the founder and owner of Quinta Essentia Organic, a brand of completely organic, chemical, color or preservative free skincare and health care products, herbal medicines and ayurvedic tonics made with organic herbs, flowers and essential oils.

To know your constitution and for your Ayurvedic guidance, ask the vaid.

Nourishing Foods
As Is The Season So Be The Diet
Getting The Balance Right
Dealing With Dhatus
Draw up your diet chart as per the season
Dincharya: During the day
Do It Each Day
Excellence of Dhatus
Imbalance Cause of Disease
Importance of Dincharya
Prakriti - Natural Concept of Health
Ratricharya : Call it a night
Right Ahar
Signs, Symptoms of Imbalance
Sleep For Good Health
Sweets: They Are Good
Kaph: Bevinding Factor
Pitt - Digestive Factor
Tridoshas : The Balancing Factors
For more, Ask The Vaid
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