National Association for The Blind, Hauz Khas, Delhi:
Dhyan Foundation besides being a spiritual organization has a very strong charitable arm which aids many other organizations who work of the underprivileged lot of the society. Taking Yogi Ashwini’s philosophy of service and charity forward the Foundation has been a great pillar of strength for - National Association for Blinds, Hauz Khas, Delhi

Dhyan Foundation :: National Association for The Blind
• Twice a week volunteers of Dhyan Foundation teach yogic practices to blind girls. The students have benefited a lot from the Kriya and have come out as more confident and happy individuals. Some of the students at the Blind school have also reported seeing visions which they had earlier not been aware of owing to their physical sight limitations.

• Sadhaks of the Dhyan Foundation work as volunteers with NAB for helping the blind students with their studies.

• NAB students have had the opportunity to perform in front of the Ministers and other prominent people of the society at various forums provided by the Foundation where they have put forth the challenges they face in the society.

• The Foundation has been sponsoring students of NAB for their education.

• Dhyan Foundation also helped NAB generate grants in terms of computers & monetary help from various sources.
You can sponsor any of the physically challenged student for higher education. Details of each student is given below along with the expenditure to be incurred for their studies for the year 2008 -2009.
S.No. Name Course Title Total
1 Amrita B.A. Hindi Hons. 2nd Year 30000
2 Goma B.A. Prog. 2nd Year 20000
3 Chanda B.A Education (includes B.Ed) 20000
4 Renu Mishra B.Sc. Hons 1st Year 35000
5 Kumud M.Phil (Final) 15000
6 Neha Jain B.Ed. 25000
7 Anamika M.A. Pol. Sc.Hons (Final) 20000
8 Prerna B.Ed. 35000
9 Sonu Kumari B.A. Prog. 1st Year 8000
10 Yogita Mehta B.A. Prog. 1st Year 10000